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Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year Everybody!

It's been a busy new year already for me.  Planning a move back to my home town!! I'm so excited that it's really happening.  Haven't been able to make any new jewelry.  Thinking about suspending my etsy shop for a while because i'm cleaning and getting rid of crap at the house.  This is going to be difficult.  We've been here in this house for 17 years and i think everybody knows the crap that just seems to collect.  I have found stuff that i don't remember buying or even liking!

I have started to love blogging and plan to continue but i have to figure out what to talk about since i may not be creating jewelry for awhile.  Today i just wanted to put down some thoughts about relocating my whole life.  Even though it's back to where i come from, i haven't lived there since 1990 when we moved to Hawaii.  That's a long time to be away and the changes are unbelievable to me.

Spent time there over the holidays and it's like a new place!!  I live in Oklahoma now which is a far cry from Dallas-Ft. worth.  Our house is in the country so it's quiet and peaceful or as my sister says "there is nothing here, why would you want to live here?"  Even though i'm a city girl i got used to having few neighbors, getting what you need while in the city because it's 15 miles from the nearest anything, driving 22 miles to church, 18 miles to Walmart for groceries and 20 miles to the mall.

When we first moved here i thought i'd lose my mind.  I heard things howling and hooting and barking and rustling at night.  It was a nightmare.  Now that we're moving back to civilization I wonder how i'll feel with neighbors and traffic and having to find my way around.

The is the view below that i'm used to now.  It's quiet and peaceful but in the middle of nowhere.  Decisions, decisions.  Now that i finally got my husband to agree i'm scared he'll hate it and i will too.  But this has been my dream and i'm sticking to it!

Look at this sunset!! That's what we see every evening in spring and summer.  I'll have fond memories of sitting outside under the bradford pear tree and drinking a beer or a marguerita and talking about how  the day went.  Watching him tend the horses or mow the field or as he calls it the yard.  Whatever, i always said.  This is 28 acres of heaven for him and i had my moments of loving it but still the yearning to move back to civilization.

This below is his fav mode of transportation in spring, summer and fall.  He's such a cowboy and loves country living.  I don't want to take him away from it but i don't want to stay till i'm old and crusty either.  I'm positive we can find a compromise.  After we visited over the holidays he said "i agree with you we need to get back to your fam and our friends before we croak".

Here he is teaching our very young neice to ride.  I thought this city girl would be terrified but she took to like a real cowgirl and said she couldn't wait to come back and stay the whole summer!  I was shocked.  

So those are just some sad and happy thoughts about moving.  I pray i'm making a good decision for the both of us.           


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