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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Found a Technique I'm Obsessed With!

So i finally found a jewelry style I love.  It's Ice Resin!!! It'so versatile.  I use it to seal metal, as glue, to fill bezels and i'm sure more things than I know at this point.  So here's some stuff i've made:

For this pendant below I used a black bezel pendant from Michael'.  I took some glass crystals and hammered them leaving some big pieces and some little pieces.  I mixed my resin and mixed the crushed crystals in with the resin.  I filled the bezel up about half with  the resin and glass. I let it begin to harden because I wanted the next layer to have a base.  I then poured the rest of the resin/glass mixture and it sat right on top of the first layer and sort of domed itself.  The final step was to sprinkle blue glitter on top of the still wet resin/glass..  I let it dry overnight, sanded it down the next day and it has a sort of druzy effect.  I really like it.  I'm going to hang it from a black boxy chain that i got at Hobby Lobby. 

The silver necklace below is hung from chain from Hobby Lobby. I took a Susan Lenart Kazmer bezel and mixed resin with black glitter.  I poured the resin in, let it dry for about 20 minutes and then put a rhinestone it the middle of it.  I sprinkled a little more black glitter on top and let dry overnight.  From the bezel I hung another pendant in a dark silver color with the words "far, far away on it and a glass stone.  Really cute.

This last pendant is a copper shape that I got at Hobby Lobby along with the "d" and the rhinestone cup chain.  I simply took Mod Podge and glued the cup chain and the initial onto it.  I let it dry and then mixed up a little resin and painted it on with a disposable brush.  I hung it from a silver plated chain.  I hangs just below collarbone--a perfect length for me.  My initial is a d of course.  I'm now making some of these for my neices, sister and a friend.  My sister said that she wants hers hung from a silver chain but in a longer length.  I love bling whether real or fake so of course these are right up my alley.

If you are interested in trying resin check out the Ice Resin website here.  You can also buy Ice Resin at Michael's.  They also sell Some of Susan Lenart Kazmer's Industrial chic pendants etc.  

So long for now.