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Sunday, January 19, 2014

On A Creative Roll

 I don't know what has happened but I just can't stop making since friday.  I'm so happy about it that i'm just going with it.  I think it's cause i'm getting ready to start packing up.  But whatever the reason i'm not stopping!

So let me show you some of the things i've made:

I love this pendant with the rhinestones.  I simply put it on 2 different styles of brass chain then added the brass rose that i've had forever.

The turquoise magnesite necklace below is bold enough but with the addition of the rhinestone cross it's over the top.  I used metal paint in black to outline the cross to make it even bolder.

I found the large rhinestone below at Hobby Lobby.  Bought a whole string of them so i'm sure they'll be poppin up in other pieces.  The little cross is black and I used brass wire to put it all together.

Don't know why the "pearls" look pinkish but they are creamy white ;  it might be the pink glass crystals making that pink hue.

Look at that huge rhinestone!!

This is the last of those blue heart crystals.  I've used them in all kinds of things.  Hate to see them go!  I just paired them with some brass stampings and used brass wire to put them together.  Love them.

I was inspired by Fanciful Devices to use stones this way.  I've had the garnet chips for a while and I hate messing with chips but it seemed perfect to use them with Valentines coming up.

Oh, and my key necklace has changed slightly.  I just didn't like the rhinestone bar that was there so I just took it off, added a brass jumpring and a small lobster claw clasp.  It looks cleaner this way to my eyes.  I also added rhinestones to the other side of the little medal.

Then there's this necklace.  It's pretty long and very bold.  I found the pendant at Hobby Lobby and added the rhinestones to it around the heart.  The heart is brass plated with grey glass crystal as the center.  The rhinestone ring came with it and I was gonna use it separately but figured if you're gonna bling go all the way girl!!  So I did.

The rest of the necklace is all hand wired with faux grey pearls and vintage creamy white pearls.  I used some steel wire and the rest is brass wire.  Just to mix it up.

So there you have it.  If you are interested in purchasing anything I will be listing them this afternoon.  Also check out the sale items that I have.  You can get to my etsy shop here.  Sadie Jewelry Design-that's me.

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