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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Homestead I'm Leaving

So today since I can't really make any jewelry I thought i'd take some pics and show everyone what we are leaving behind with our relocation.  Some of the pics aren't that great because the sun is shining brightly today!!
 Also, awhile back I had promised to show pictures of my cleaned up studio space but it never really got cleaned up enough to show it.  So here goes:

this is a spare bedroom being used as my studio space.  The pics not that great but it's clean!!

Again, picture not that great but well enough to see that it's clean and tidy.  Now, we have been here today so i've been pulling stuff out of that big box under the table just to get my hands on some beads and stuff.

The corner where my computer sits.  Clean and tidy.

the other corner where I started stashing things years ago which I out grew but still use.  This is the only place where I have things I can get ahold of but I don't have any findings or wire or chain in this little cabinet.  I can play with the beads though.

And now for some pictures of my very clean house.  It never looks like this so I need something to remember fondly when I move.  We have people coming through here like a herd of cattle but i'm doing my best to live here and keep it clean for showings:

spare bedroom cleaned up except a box.

part of the kitchen.
cabinets and tile sparkling.  Well, as much as black granite and paint can sparkle.

Another part of the kitchen--a built in.  This is usually covered with mail, hats, sunglasses etc. etc.

Part of the living area.  That old buffet is from an aunt and it's really old.  I plan on using it in the next studio that I claim.

                  The living area.  Never that clean!  I think it looks really good cleaned up.

                       A clean master bathroom.  Except for the robes and the dirty laundry!!

Some outside views i'll miss:

I rarely go down to the pond in the summer because i'm terrified of possible snakes!  But it's pretty to look at from the kitchen windows.

Poor baby does not want to be ridden.  He's pretty young and is really friendly until you want to ride him! Guess i'd feel the same way.

Now that we have a possible offer i'm feeling like maybe this is a mistake.  But in the end i'm desparate to move back home.  So will have to suck it up and move forward.

Thanks for visiting and comments are always welcome.

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  1. Ah...such a pretty home and view! I know the feeling of apprehension once you get an offer. But, it all turns out in the end! Can't wait to see your new home! xoxo Jen