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Friday, January 31, 2014

Gloomy, Dreary Day

So, I was determined to get my hands on some stuff and make some jewelry today.  I drug out my huge box of crap and sat at my table.  I made some earrings and a little stack of bracelets for Valentines.  I had so much fun.  I decided to post it at least so my new followers would have something to see.  If you are looking for the Grow Your Blog Party you can go HERE.

We have three showings of the house on saturday so I doubt i'll get a chance to relax and make jewelry tomorrow.  This day was so depressing feeling that I needed something to take my mind off of it.  I went and had lunch with some of my old working chums and it was a great time and we got to catch up.

So take a look at what I got to make:

This bracelet stack was pretty simple to make.  I used steel wire and silver colored daisies along with some delicious red glass beads.

I put little charms on all three of the bracelets and I even made a copper heart wrapped with steel wire on one of them.

Then I made these earrings.  Had the crystals for awhile and they were the last two.  The little seed beads I think are a nice contrast to the shiny glass crystals and they are a really pretty green/blue/turquoise color.  The crystals are irridescent(is that how you spell that?) with blue, purple, green and even some yellow depending on how you look at them.

Hopefully I can make some more tonight.  I need to have some more fun!!  If you are interested in the bracelet or earrings I will be listing this evening in my Etsy Shop Sadie Jewelry Design.  Have a good evening everyone!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Homestead I'm Leaving

So today since I can't really make any jewelry I thought i'd take some pics and show everyone what we are leaving behind with our relocation.  Some of the pics aren't that great because the sun is shining brightly today!!
 Also, awhile back I had promised to show pictures of my cleaned up studio space but it never really got cleaned up enough to show it.  So here goes:

this is a spare bedroom being used as my studio space.  The pics not that great but it's clean!!

Again, picture not that great but well enough to see that it's clean and tidy.  Now, we have been here today so i've been pulling stuff out of that big box under the table just to get my hands on some beads and stuff.

The corner where my computer sits.  Clean and tidy.

the other corner where I started stashing things years ago which I out grew but still use.  This is the only place where I have things I can get ahold of but I don't have any findings or wire or chain in this little cabinet.  I can play with the beads though.

And now for some pictures of my very clean house.  It never looks like this so I need something to remember fondly when I move.  We have people coming through here like a herd of cattle but i'm doing my best to live here and keep it clean for showings:

spare bedroom cleaned up except a box.

part of the kitchen.
cabinets and tile sparkling.  Well, as much as black granite and paint can sparkle.

Another part of the kitchen--a built in.  This is usually covered with mail, hats, sunglasses etc. etc.

Part of the living area.  That old buffet is from an aunt and it's really old.  I plan on using it in the next studio that I claim.

                  The living area.  Never that clean!  I think it looks really good cleaned up.

                       A clean master bathroom.  Except for the robes and the dirty laundry!!

Some outside views i'll miss:

I rarely go down to the pond in the summer because i'm terrified of possible snakes!  But it's pretty to look at from the kitchen windows.

Poor baby does not want to be ridden.  He's pretty young and is really friendly until you want to ride him! Guess i'd feel the same way.

Now that we have a possible offer i'm feeling like maybe this is a mistake.  But in the end i'm desparate to move back home.  So will have to suck it up and move forward.

Thanks for visiting and comments are always welcome.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Have So Enjoyed Meeting New People From the Blog Party

I am participating in the Grow Your Blog Party 2014 being hosted by  It has been wonderful meeting new bloggers.  There are such talented and creative artisans and hobbyists out there.  I have gained some followers and have definitely found some new blogs to follow.

If any of my fellow bloggers out there did not participate you can still go to vicki's blog and check out some of the bloggers who are participating.  i guarantee you will find some of the most interesting people that you may want to follow.  This has been so much fun and I fully intend to keep visiting the blogs.  I will say that there are over 500--maybe close to 600.  so it's gonna take awhile to get to them all!

I have posted previously that my husband and I are relocating so we're in the process of selling the old homestead.  i have been inundated with people looking the place over and have been out of my house frequently since we listed it.  I am overwhelmed with trying to keep the house in mint condition.  this is difficult as we do still live here!!

I have not been able to make any new jewelry since I want to keep my little studio space clean and pristine looking (something that it is not when i'm making stuff).  I am really irritated right now about that but I want to sell the house so i'll have to keep doing what i'm doing.

Please don't give up on me it will get better.  I think if I get some time I will post some more Pinterest inspiration pics which is just about all I can do right now.  Wish me the best on the house sale.  With all the people who have been interested lately i'm hoping for an offer or 2 or 3 soon.  And don't forget to take a look at some new blogs at You won't regret it.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog January 25, 2014

2 Bags Full

Hi, my name is Dawn.  I design jewelry and love doing it.  It relaxes me plus I get to stretch my imagination by trying to create pretty things.  My day job can be fulfilling and some creativity is used but making jewelry is what I love to do.

I only began blogging in 2012 but was not very consistent.  There was lots going on like work, family, friends etc.  Same as everyone else.  Last spring I decided to try and make posting to my blog something that  I would consistently do.

That failed but now i'm doing my best to balance it all and blog on a regular basis.

I began making jewelry about 6 years ago.  I was inspired by a co-worker who made and designed jewelry and I used to buy things from her all of the time.  One day I started talking to her about her jewelry-making process and she suggested that I buy some supplies and she would help me get started. Very generous of her.  I would make earrings or necklaces and take them to work with me and she would show me what I did wrong or right and how to correct.

That began my love affair with creating and designing jewelry.  I have a little shop on Etsy that I dabble in and I make items for friends and family.  But the reason that I love it is because it just soothes my soul.  Even if I make something that no one but me likes I take it in stride because the relaxation it gave me was worth it.

After I really got into making jewelry I signed up for an online certificate course which I thoroughly enjoyed taking.  It gave me something to look forward to when I got home in the evenings and on weekends.  I need goals to work at something and that was just the ticket for me.  I have long since completed the course but I learned a lot.

Here are a few of my recent pieces:

Downton Abbey inspired.

I have always loved trying to do things creatively with my hands because I grew up with a mother who sewed for a living.  She worked for several clothing designers in Dallas.  My sister and I hated for her to make our clothes because we wanted store-bought clothing like everyone else.  It wasn't until some little friends of mine commented how they wished their mothers made them stuff that I realized how lucky I was to have that.

My mother tried to teach me to sew but she was a hard task master and would often rip seams that my sister and I had sewn and say "no! They must be perfect".  (I know she sounds like mommy dearest but not really). That is when my sister and I decided amongst ourselves that we no longer wanted to learn.  I wish to this day that I had continued just like I wish I had continued taking piano lessons and my sister wishes she had stuck with the violin.

Many regrets later I learned how to crochet and that took me awhile but I learned and still love it.   I learned to crochet  because another co-worker taught me (by the way we really do work at work).   I usually only crochet in the winter months.  It's another thing that is brings me piece and relaxation.  I tried knitting but didn't have the patience for it.

I am very much looking forward to this blog hop because I would love to find some new bloggers to follow and because I think if I have some regular readers that would make my commitment to blogging better.  Please email me with any comments and I look forward to finding more bloggers to follow and for others to find and follow me.


**I can't believe I did not thank Vicki from for hosting this blog hop party.  Please stop by her blog.  It's full of deliciousness!!
P.S. For all who leave me comments or send email I will put the names in a hat and have my husband draw one name to win this piece:

The drawing will be on February 15, 2014. Comments must be made or emails sent by February 14, 2014 to be entered in the drawing.

Monday, January 20, 2014

More Designs

I finally made some angel wing earrings.  I've been seeing them but didn't like any of the findings I saw.

The other day I was in a craft store and saw some and bought them.  I looked at them over and over again and couldn't figure out what I wanted make with them. Then it struck me--another color.  I patinaed them using Vintaj aged bronze and then embellished them with guess what???  Rhinestones!!

This is how they turned out:

they are 3 inches long.

These are listed in my Etsy store here.

Thinking a bit ahead I also made this necklace using copper and green glass:

it would be perfect to wear on St. Patrick's in February.  I have a few other green beads and plan to make more.  This necklace is about 32 inches long.  Copper and green is a really good combination.

So here I go again off to start boxing up the kitchen items and leaving the kitchen bare of anything that I like cause the realtor is coming on Wednesday to take pics of the house.  Ugh!! I hate this.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

On A Creative Roll

 I don't know what has happened but I just can't stop making since friday.  I'm so happy about it that i'm just going with it.  I think it's cause i'm getting ready to start packing up.  But whatever the reason i'm not stopping!

So let me show you some of the things i've made:

I love this pendant with the rhinestones.  I simply put it on 2 different styles of brass chain then added the brass rose that i've had forever.

The turquoise magnesite necklace below is bold enough but with the addition of the rhinestone cross it's over the top.  I used metal paint in black to outline the cross to make it even bolder.

I found the large rhinestone below at Hobby Lobby.  Bought a whole string of them so i'm sure they'll be poppin up in other pieces.  The little cross is black and I used brass wire to put it all together.

Don't know why the "pearls" look pinkish but they are creamy white ;  it might be the pink glass crystals making that pink hue.

Look at that huge rhinestone!!

This is the last of those blue heart crystals.  I've used them in all kinds of things.  Hate to see them go!  I just paired them with some brass stampings and used brass wire to put them together.  Love them.

I was inspired by Fanciful Devices to use stones this way.  I've had the garnet chips for a while and I hate messing with chips but it seemed perfect to use them with Valentines coming up.

Oh, and my key necklace has changed slightly.  I just didn't like the rhinestone bar that was there so I just took it off, added a brass jumpring and a small lobster claw clasp.  It looks cleaner this way to my eyes.  I also added rhinestones to the other side of the little medal.

Then there's this necklace.  It's pretty long and very bold.  I found the pendant at Hobby Lobby and added the rhinestones to it around the heart.  The heart is brass plated with grey glass crystal as the center.  The rhinestone ring came with it and I was gonna use it separately but figured if you're gonna bling go all the way girl!!  So I did.

The rest of the necklace is all hand wired with faux grey pearls and vintage creamy white pearls.  I used some steel wire and the rest is brass wire.  Just to mix it up.

So there you have it.  If you are interested in purchasing anything I will be listing them this afternoon.  Also check out the sale items that I have.  You can get to my etsy shop here.  Sadie Jewelry Design-that's me.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Sale in My Etsy Store

I am feeling very creative.  I'm supposed to be cleaning out rooms but I don't want to.  I have saved my craft room for the very last because all of a sudden I want to make stuff!

Just to let people know I am having a sale in my Etsy store here.  There are some really good bargains for sale.

so excuse me while I go over to my table and make something.  My fingers are just itching to.  Don't know how long it will last so I have to go while the going is good!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Finally Finished My Key Necklace

So I finally finished my key necklace using this piece as inspiration:

Antique Skeleton Key

This is how the key I used began.  Really shiny silver. I decided that it would look better roughed up.

So I first used some black metal patina paint from Vintaj.  I painted it black all over but thought it looked too plain so I added some brown acrylic paint in places all over to make it look rusty and let it dry.  Since i'm in love with rhinestones lately I put rhinestones down the length of thekey.

 I used Ice Resin to place the rhinestones on the key and put a thin layer of resin over the whole key to protect the finish I put on it.  That made it a little shiny after it dried so I roughed the key up with some really fine steel wool to make it look beat up again.

I didn't have a clasp I liked so I decided to make my own.  I took some red brass wire with a flat side and a rounded side and cut it to fit the key as the clasp.  I used more resin to attach some rhinestones to it and to attach a jump ring.  It really worked!  Here is the finished necklace:

I really like the finished result.  It's blingy like I like stuff these days and the rhinestones mixed with the rough-looking metal is a favorite look for me.  I attached it to a brass chain and it's about 21 inches long.  So now i'm off to look for more inspiration!

Please leave me a comment so I can have some feedback.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Grow Your Blog Party

I had asked if any experienced bloggers could advise me how to put an url on my blog here but got no takers.  So i am just gonna post a link her in a post.

There is a blog party that will be on January 25, 2014.  The purpose is to grow your blog's readership.  I know I would love to have a larger audience so i am participating in it this year.  Last year I was going to but stuff came up.

The party is being hosed by Vicki of the blog 2bagsfull.  The picture below is the advertisement for it.  According to vicki's blog there were about 400 participants last year.  It's simple really if you have a blog (or even if you don't) you can participate.  The aim of course is to get readers to your blog and if they are interested they can comment or join as a regular reader or both.  The more bloggers who participate the better.  You can have a giveaway if you want but it is not necessary to do.

The picture below is the advertisement for the party.  Here is the actual link to the blog where you will find all of the details about participation here.

I would love to grow my blog so if you are interested head on over and get the details.  It's pretty simple and I think it'll be fun.

2 Bags Full

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Question for Experienced Bloggers

So i'm wanting to participate in a blog hop but i have tried all kinds of things to add the blog hop button to my blog and just can't do it.

Will someone be so kind as to explain (as simple as you can cuz i'm not that bright when it comes to techy stuff) how to add the button?  I need help people!  There is a due date to this thing.

Any help would be very appreciated and you can find out what the hop is if interested and do it too!!  See how that works?? Just kidding.

By the way i have just about finished my key necklace and i'm fairly satisfied with it.  I think i'll post it on Monday for anyone interested in seeing what i've come up with.

Friday, January 10, 2014

So Excited!!

Guess what people????
One of my fav jewelry designers has offered for us both to use the necklace below as inspiration and make a necklace using a key.  This lady is outrageously talented and she made a comment and everything on my little blog (screaming with delight!).

Lorelei Hill Eurto!!!  Creative genious to me.  Again, check out her blog here.  You won't be sorry.

So i'm off to try and get some creative juices flowing.  By the way this necklace is from Pinterest via an Etsy artist and is pinned on my Pinterest inspiration pin page.  You should go and check it out because when i am fresh out of inspiration that is where I go.

I don't copy designs (intentionally anyway) that others have done but looking at different artist's creations may spark a color combo or a way of using something in a unique way or even a new technique you can try in your own creations.

I will post a pic of the key i will be using here and once finished i'll post the resulting inspiration necklace and let you know when Ms Eurto's is posted to her blog.   I'm so excited!!

Here is the key i'll be using.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year Everybody!

It's been a busy new year already for me.  Planning a move back to my home town!! I'm so excited that it's really happening.  Haven't been able to make any new jewelry.  Thinking about suspending my etsy shop for a while because i'm cleaning and getting rid of crap at the house.  This is going to be difficult.  We've been here in this house for 17 years and i think everybody knows the crap that just seems to collect.  I have found stuff that i don't remember buying or even liking!

I have started to love blogging and plan to continue but i have to figure out what to talk about since i may not be creating jewelry for awhile.  Today i just wanted to put down some thoughts about relocating my whole life.  Even though it's back to where i come from, i haven't lived there since 1990 when we moved to Hawaii.  That's a long time to be away and the changes are unbelievable to me.

Spent time there over the holidays and it's like a new place!!  I live in Oklahoma now which is a far cry from Dallas-Ft. worth.  Our house is in the country so it's quiet and peaceful or as my sister says "there is nothing here, why would you want to live here?"  Even though i'm a city girl i got used to having few neighbors, getting what you need while in the city because it's 15 miles from the nearest anything, driving 22 miles to church, 18 miles to Walmart for groceries and 20 miles to the mall.

When we first moved here i thought i'd lose my mind.  I heard things howling and hooting and barking and rustling at night.  It was a nightmare.  Now that we're moving back to civilization I wonder how i'll feel with neighbors and traffic and having to find my way around.

The is the view below that i'm used to now.  It's quiet and peaceful but in the middle of nowhere.  Decisions, decisions.  Now that i finally got my husband to agree i'm scared he'll hate it and i will too.  But this has been my dream and i'm sticking to it!

Look at this sunset!! That's what we see every evening in spring and summer.  I'll have fond memories of sitting outside under the bradford pear tree and drinking a beer or a marguerita and talking about how  the day went.  Watching him tend the horses or mow the field or as he calls it the yard.  Whatever, i always said.  This is 28 acres of heaven for him and i had my moments of loving it but still the yearning to move back to civilization.

This below is his fav mode of transportation in spring, summer and fall.  He's such a cowboy and loves country living.  I don't want to take him away from it but i don't want to stay till i'm old and crusty either.  I'm positive we can find a compromise.  After we visited over the holidays he said "i agree with you we need to get back to your fam and our friends before we croak".

Here he is teaching our very young neice to ride.  I thought this city girl would be terrified but she took to like a real cowgirl and said she couldn't wait to come back and stay the whole summer!  I was shocked.  

So those are just some sad and happy thoughts about moving.  I pray i'm making a good decision for the both of us.