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Friday, November 29, 2013

Lock and Key Necklace with Resin

I showed the lock and key in an earlier post but I finally put it together in a necklace.  Turned out cute.  My friend picked it as a fav so I might give it to her.  Then again I just may keep it because I love the length of it and the brass chain is really pretty to me.

It's 34 inches long.  The rhinestones are glued on with resin and both pieces are coated with resin to keep the shine.

That's about the only thing i've made over the last two days.  Sad I know but that turkey dinner is still wearing on me and all i want to do is sleep.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving To All!

I am much too stuffed and bloated to write anything of substance!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed holiday.  Why do I eat like a pig during Thanksgiving and then wonder why I gained some lb's??  My reslove to eat in moderation goes away as soon as the table is set with all the wonderful foods.  My mind goes blank and all I can do is begin to shovel it in as fast as I can.  

Tomorrow it begins--shopping that is.  I hate the malls this time of year but I will be out there like everyone else.

So i'm headed to the couch to sleep it off just in time to get up and eat some dessert.  Happy dieting everyone!!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some New Jewelry And a Recipe

Hey all.  I have been on a role making stuff for Christmas to sell.  Since i'm in love with resin these days I used it a lot in my new pieces.  That stuff is wonderful.  I've also been cooking up a storm using recipes I found on Pinterest.  You should check out my Pinterest recipe board.  I made one called Crockpot Cranberry Chicken.  Cranberries just make me think of the Christmas season so i tried it.  It is absolutely fabulous!!!

So between all the new recipe cooking i've been making jewelry up a storm.  I'm going to show some of them.  so here goes:

Below are some pendants I embellished using resin and cup chain.

 I loved the pendant below when I bought it but thought it needed "something".  So I added some clear rhinestones and now it just sparkles.  It's hanging from a simple silver chain.

 I bought the pendant below and it was attached to a military looking patch meant to be a brooch but I love the eagle with a touch of bling as a pendant.  I love this necklace!  Thinking that it is mine but we'll see.

 So, instead of crushing the crystal beads I decided to use them whole.  I embellished a nice bezel with rhinestones (yes, i'm addicted to rhinestones now too) and put the glass crystals inside using resin.

 And the necklace below is green and blue with an egg pendant.  The "egg" is hung from a real piece of a branch.  I dipped the wooden branch in resin, let it dry and put a hole in it.  This thing will last forever.
I'm hoping to have these in my Etsy store here by this evening.  Come on, go check it out!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Some New Resin Jewelry Designs

I have been making resin jewelry with Ice Resin.  It's almost fool proof once you get used to it.  What I like is making my own pendants and Earrings with it.  Found some creativity I didn't know I had.  So i'm going to post some of the things I have made.  If anyone cares to comment please do because that is how you learn so here goes:

Saw a technique online on making a fake druzy pendant.  Tried my had with the pendant below.  It's crushed glass crystals and glitter.  I'm in love with using rhinestones because i am a bling loving girl.  I paired it with a black box chain that is long.

The necklace below is made with a copper bezel and I put an acrylic flower with rhinestone and then rimmed the whole pendant with rhinestones.  Told ya i'm loving the rhinestone trend.  I hung the pendant from a leather cord.  The pic below the necklace shows the attachment.  I think the cord ends are really pretty.  I used all mixed metals.  Silver, antique gold, copper.

I made the necklace below when I was really wanting to be somewhere else.  I covered the pendants with resin to insure they will stay nice and bright.

The pendant below was made using a silver-toned bezel that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I'm a sucker for anything that looks like a heart so that's what I used as an inclusion in the bezel along with rhinestones and resin paper as a background.  I hung it from a ball chain necklace.  Cute huh?

I went hog wild making the pendant below.  I was dreaming of being in Jamaica so I rimmed the bezel in rhinestones and put Jamaican sand, jamaican shells and a few more rhinestones.  I call it Jamaica Dreaming.
I'm going to list these in my Etsy shop here.  Please stop by and check out the new items.  They are all priced to sell!