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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blog Challenge and Jewelry Making

Every year about this time there is a craft show at my office.  It's great to see what people do as hobbies.  I've seen some of the most creative items at this little craft show.

People make jewelry, cakes, other pastries, Christmas doodads and canned goods (my fav)--just all types of handmade items.  So i'm looking forward to this lady who cans beets.  I'm sure many of you are going yuck!!! right but I love beets!

Anyway the host of the blog challenge that I am taking part in had a slight problem.  The host got sick and if she feels anything like my husband who just got over the flu she's sick.  So the reveal for everyone is slated to be on Friday.  I have one more day to stew over my creation.

I'm not that anxious to show my item cause a lot of the entrants are seasoned jewelry designers and i'm sure their are some folks like me too.  In the meantime i've made some new items.  2 necklaces that if I must say so myself they are so cute!  Take a look:

I love the colors of these interesting little beads.  Orange, red, hints of black. They're flower shaped and just kind of cute.  I would wear this whatever way it fell pretty much.  The bronze colored clasp is sort of dimpled.  Really cute casual summer necklace.  I'm pretty sure that the colors are not coming across but guess it can't be helped.

This odd little necklace is a fav of mine.  I love all the different textures in the necklace.  The colors remind me of spring with grass turning green and lush and flowers starting to bloom.  This one is mine and I wear it all the time with all types of other clothing colors like black, dark blue, light blue etc.

I think this cute little ceramic heart pendant is really cute with that pop of yellow.  Everytime I wear it someone asks where I got it.  That makes me so proud!

I wasn't fond of these little beads at first but challenged myself to make something interesting with them.  Turns out they are what is interesting.  I think it's casual but who knows what others would do with this necklace.

I'll be listing this necklace in my etsy store hopefully tomorrow. Goodnight everybody!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Entered a Blog Challenge--First Ever!

So I have some fav jewelry designers whose blogs I follow.  One of them is such an inspiration to me because of her use of color and her uncanny ability to put jewelry together.

she found some interesting components at Michael's and encouraged other bloggers to take up the challenge in using these components in a unique way.  Well, I should have known I was going to be terrified that my piece would not be up to par.  But I decided to do it afraid--to quote a favorite minister that I listen to.

So here's a pic of the component.  I'm in Oklahoma and they were easy to find at Michael's but i'm sure many more Michael's stores are carrying them right now.  Anyway, I bought 2 colors in case I came with something interesting:

the pic below is of the sort of blue and greenish color.  Unfortunately the colors aren't coming out right with my camera.  I really like the colors.

 The pic below is of the components in a different color.  I know it may look orange and purple on your monitor but the actual color is pink and purple.

Here is the back.  I think you can see they are double-holed on each end.  Clearly meant to be strung on 2 wires. I'm thinking of using wire but don't have a fully formulated idea yet. Both sets have gold toned metal backing.  They come in sets of 3.
 Here is a side view. See how the colors are washed out--well depending on how you look at them they do seem to change color.
So any way I'd better get to work trying to come up with something cause the reveal date is March 27th!  What to do, what to do!!!!  Wish me luck and i'll post what I made on that date along with the other participants.

Friday, March 15, 2013

@ New Bracelets--Come and See!

Made 2 really cute bracelets this week and thought i'd show them off.  Wait--i'm going to get the pics:
okay, i'm back.  I love them both but I think my fav is the black and silver one.  I really like how the glass crystal briolettes give it an airy feel that's good for spring and summer.

The blue and white ceramic beads in this bracelet are very rustic and look almost hand painted (don't know if they were) but I paired them with that resin party bead and  cuz they both share blue and I added in some yellow beads which is also in the party bead.  The wire is silver plated and brass.    I love that bead with the yellow/orange heart cutout.              

Go on over to my store here and have a look why don'tcha.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Feel The Need to Buy More Beads!

So I have some things in my shop that have ben there awhile and decided to have a sale.  I don't think the items are unattractive and they have been viewed but no takers yet.  So i'm posting some of the sale items hoping some of you will take a look and fall in love with something.

So here are some of the pieces and believe me this is a good sale!

The earrings below are really pretty blue stones and copper and you can find them at

This necklace was made in the late summer and  it's really colorful.  Love the striped pendant.  Bad pic I know.  I need to stop doing that .  Pray for me ya'll.  You can find this fun necklace

Till next time!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring On My Mind

My mind is on spring and so I saw these lovely butterfly beads at Michael's and bought them on a whim.  I got up this morning and made this lovely necklace.  The colors are turquoise, brown, green and black and some yellow.  I used some black wood rounds with silver spacers in between and some green leaves to accent the piece.

 I've decided to start naming my pieces just like some of my fav artists.   So this one is named Butterfly Habitat.

This pendant  is really pretty.  I love the colors. The necklace is 17.5 inches long so it hits right at the collarbone.  On each side of the pendant is a black flower.

Here's a close up of the pendant.  If you are interested you can find this necklace in my etsy shop here .
I've got a lot of new ideas just need to sit down and get to work!