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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Grow Your Blog Party

I had asked if any experienced bloggers could advise me how to put an url on my blog here but got no takers.  So i am just gonna post a link her in a post.

There is a blog party that will be on January 25, 2014.  The purpose is to grow your blog's readership.  I know I would love to have a larger audience so i am participating in it this year.  Last year I was going to but stuff came up.

The party is being hosed by Vicki of the blog 2bagsfull.  The picture below is the advertisement for it.  According to vicki's blog there were about 400 participants last year.  It's simple really if you have a blog (or even if you don't) you can participate.  The aim of course is to get readers to your blog and if they are interested they can comment or join as a regular reader or both.  The more bloggers who participate the better.  You can have a giveaway if you want but it is not necessary to do.

The picture below is the advertisement for the party.  Here is the actual link to the blog where you will find all of the details about participation here.

I would love to grow my blog so if you are interested head on over and get the details.  It's pretty simple and I think it'll be fun.

2 Bags Full

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