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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Have So Enjoyed Meeting New People From the Blog Party

I am participating in the Grow Your Blog Party 2014 being hosted by  It has been wonderful meeting new bloggers.  There are such talented and creative artisans and hobbyists out there.  I have gained some followers and have definitely found some new blogs to follow.

If any of my fellow bloggers out there did not participate you can still go to vicki's blog and check out some of the bloggers who are participating.  i guarantee you will find some of the most interesting people that you may want to follow.  This has been so much fun and I fully intend to keep visiting the blogs.  I will say that there are over 500--maybe close to 600.  so it's gonna take awhile to get to them all!

I have posted previously that my husband and I are relocating so we're in the process of selling the old homestead.  i have been inundated with people looking the place over and have been out of my house frequently since we listed it.  I am overwhelmed with trying to keep the house in mint condition.  this is difficult as we do still live here!!

I have not been able to make any new jewelry since I want to keep my little studio space clean and pristine looking (something that it is not when i'm making stuff).  I am really irritated right now about that but I want to sell the house so i'll have to keep doing what i'm doing.

Please don't give up on me it will get better.  I think if I get some time I will post some more Pinterest inspiration pics which is just about all I can do right now.  Wish me the best on the house sale.  With all the people who have been interested lately i'm hoping for an offer or 2 or 3 soon.  And don't forget to take a look at some new blogs at You won't regret it.


  1. Hang in there with the home sale, know, I did the same thing on all three houses that we sold - kept them SPOTLESS all the time. Then one day (each time), I dropped the ball and left something out - THAT was when they sold. Good luck, in any event...I'm sure it won't be long!

  2. Selling a house can be super stressful. I think you will feel such a sense of relief after the closing.

  3. Ok. I'll hang in, besides I'm so interested in finding out the typeof jewellery you make itis killing me. Relocating, ya done that, keeping the house prestine, girl people understandyou live there, but I agree if people are comingthrough the house they are looking at what isn't pretty if any. Good luck on the sale, hope it sells it is a beautiful home. I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada and right now I'm visiting my daughter in North Carolina and freezing as it is colder here than in Canada. :Hope you make it over to my blog. I'm your new follower