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Monday, December 30, 2013

Another Jewelry Designer Who Inspires me

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Mine was just great!!!  Spent with my family in Texas.  It was great to really get to watch niece and nephew open presents and be awed that Santa really listened and granted their long list of wants.  Then spent 2 days eating and drinking and hanging with friends.  So, needless to say i haven't made anything but that's okay I had a fab time.

So I thought i'd share another of the handmade jewelry designers who really inspires me with her awesome use of color and design.  This lady puts together some colors that I would never in a million years put together.  Her name is Lorelei Eurto and her designs are really awe inspiring to me.  She has a great eye for color but i love her designs also.

Below i'll show some of my fav designs of hers:

I love this design.  It's wintery yet summery.  Could be worn in any season.  It's just shimmery.


I love her bracelets and this one is no exception.  The way she puts elements together is an inspiration to me.  I would never put those beads together!  She's a genious!!!


Now those green beads would have made me turn my nose up--as in yuck.  But these simple earrings are really pretty paired with brass.


This necklace is gorg! Again, never would I have put those colors together. Light blue, navy, limey green.


She uses lots of artisan beads which i cannot afford at the moment.  She made several of these long necklaces with many colors that i really like a lot.  Of course i tried doing it and i just didn't like my color choices.  But this lady just has an eye for color combinations and i really admire that.


Look at this gorgeous necklace.  I see peach, green and blue and purple or pink.  Now if I did that it'd look hideous i'm sure.  This lady is another one that when i can afford it i will purchase a necklace.


Since my fav color is blue of any hue i love this necklace.  I especially love the moon on the one side.  The tree pendant just makes me smile.


I really love the muted colors in these earrings.  The different textures used calls to me.  This artist has a store on Etsy that sells waxed linen in color combinations.


Love love love the beads and the pink and yellow waxed linen just wreaks of summer and and really cottony shift dress and sandals.  These really inspire me to create something in that vein.  They make me smell the ocean and feel a breeze blowing!!!


Another long necklace with a pendant and colorful beads.  The blue just stands out for me on this one.


This is one of my most favorite necklaces of hers.  Those glowy pink beads and the pendant are so mellow to me.  It's a calming piece to me.  And then that green just sets the whole thing off.


So hop on over to her blog and check her out for yourself.  She also has an etsy store where she sells her designs.  One day I will buy one.  Hope you enjoyed seeing another of my jewelry designer inspirations!  Her blog is here.   Happy reading!  Hopefully i can settle down enough this week to start making some of my own designs.

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