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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Question for Experienced Bloggers

So i'm wanting to participate in a blog hop but i have tried all kinds of things to add the blog hop button to my blog and just can't do it.

Will someone be so kind as to explain (as simple as you can cuz i'm not that bright when it comes to techy stuff) how to add the button?  I need help people!  There is a due date to this thing.

Any help would be very appreciated and you can find out what the hop is if interested and do it too!!  See how that works?? Just kidding.

By the way i have just about finished my key necklace and i'm fairly satisfied with it.  I think i'll post it on Monday for anyone interested in seeing what i've come up with.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Dawn!
    Here is the ''how to do''
    First thing you need is to be sure the picture you need is on your computer.
    After that, here it is:
    Click on ''design'' at top, right, of your blog
    Then, at left, click on ''layout''
    On this page, you will see ''add a gagdet''
    Click on that. You will have a new window.
    Click on ''image'' (the blue + at right)
    A new window is opened
    You need to fill: title, link and image
    Title: it's up to you, write what you want
    Link: in another tab, find what you want to link: copy that link (URL) and paste it at the right of Link. Be sure there is only once ''http://'' at the beginning of this link. Sometimes, we find it twice.
    After that, image:
    from your computer, click on ''parcourir'' and find where is your picture. When you get it, click twice on it. It will show in the window after a while.
    Then, click on ''shrink to fit'' once
    Save this window.
    On the layout page, save ''arrangement''
    And go see your blog. You are supposed to see your link there.
    It seem long or hard but it's not, when you do it one step at a time. Keep this for the future too until you know that well.
    Good luck! And give me feedback if it don't work! I'll see.