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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

some of My Bead Stash For Your Viewing Pleasure

so I promised to show ya'll some of the beads I bought from a vendor in Canton Texas at First Monday.  For those who don't know First Monday is a gigantic flea market where you can buy anything from beads to antique furniture to delicious junk food and to everything in between.  I have been twice and i still haven't seen the whole place!

So anyway, my in laws were visiting this past week end and we decided to go again.  i of course only wanted to go to buy more beads from that vendor.  I made another haul.  And although I don't know for sure all of the beads I bought the vendor seems pretty good at identifying them.

So here goes and I will tell you that these pics don't do justice to most of these beads:

Below is a green turquoise.  Love the shape and the variations of color in these.  There's brown, pink, white, green, black.

Next is clear quartz nuggets.  They are a really nice sized nuggets and very heavy.

These babies below are the most beautiful shade of turquoise turquoise.  They remind me of robbins eggs.  Large.  I think they would make an extraordinary necklace.

Below, these round discs are chalk turquoise.  They are a very light shade of blue.  The vendor explained to me that chalk turquoise is real turquoise but it's crushed and then put back together in different shapes of beads.  I love these beads and think they'd make a show-stopper of a necklace.

This is more turquoise.  The color is gorgeous but it didn't come out well in a picture.  These beads have holes that would cause the beads to lay in triangles.  I don't think that came out right but you can see at the bottom how the holes run.

Then there's these babies below.  They are barrel shaped turquoise beads!!  They have cracks and everything. These are mine, mine, mine!!!

These beads are a beautiful shape and vary in size.  They are agate and the color variations are beautiful.  From black to brown to grey to off-white.  Lovely.

These red beads are actually blood red and are lead crystal.  Love the shape of these and they are a very substantial size.

These large briolettes are pink quartz.  A very light shade of pink.  They have an almost chalky appearance.

Then there's these turquoise nuggets.  They have a lot of brown in them and are a really good size.  I don't usually like nuggets.  Too much fuss for not a lot of impact.

These black beads are obsidian and when they are cleaned up I can just tell they will sparkle.

These cute little hearts are shell.  They have a lovely opaqueness (is that a word?) about them.

And take a gander at this pink coral.  That bottom one looks like a tooth was growing out of it. Yuck! But I could not resist them--less the toothy one that is.  No idea what I will do with these.  Maybe just keep them to gross myself out.

 Then there's these rocks below.  They look like a mix of some rhodocrisite (spelling?), rocks, amethyst and who knows what else.  But I really like them all mixed up together

I don't know if these are amazonite or aquamarine.  Anyone want to take a guess? Even the bead guy wasn't sure.  I think they are amazonite.

These black labrodorite beads are gorgeous in person.  They have a light but instead of blue it's a shiny silver that you get glimpses of.

And I know chrysoprase when I see it.  These suckers were a cool 70 bucks for the strand in some high end bead store.  They are magnificent.  I love that color of green and then the almost caramel brown.  Really pretty.  My mother is really hinting at wanting something made from these.  We'll see.  If she's good maybe

So what do you think of some of my stash.  I am over the moon at finding this guy.  If you ever go to Canton for First Monday you can't miss him.  Any of you beady peeps will scope him out immediately!

So that's all for now.  Hope you enjoyed seeing all of these amazing rocks.  Never thought I'd become a bead hoarder.  I've heard of  those types but never thought I'd be one.  My guy walked into my new studio the other day, looked at me sitting in the floor surrounded by beads, shook his head and walked out.  LOL LOL LOL.  Love it!!!  He said I looked like I was in some type of dream state.

See you later1