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Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Finally Finished My Key Necklace

So I finally finished my key necklace using this piece as inspiration:

Antique Skeleton Key

This is how the key I used began.  Really shiny silver. I decided that it would look better roughed up.

So I first used some black metal patina paint from Vintaj.  I painted it black all over but thought it looked too plain so I added some brown acrylic paint in places all over to make it look rusty and let it dry.  Since i'm in love with rhinestones lately I put rhinestones down the length of thekey.

 I used Ice Resin to place the rhinestones on the key and put a thin layer of resin over the whole key to protect the finish I put on it.  That made it a little shiny after it dried so I roughed the key up with some really fine steel wool to make it look beat up again.

I didn't have a clasp I liked so I decided to make my own.  I took some red brass wire with a flat side and a rounded side and cut it to fit the key as the clasp.  I used more resin to attach some rhinestones to it and to attach a jump ring.  It really worked!  Here is the finished necklace:

I really like the finished result.  It's blingy like I like stuff these days and the rhinestones mixed with the rough-looking metal is a favorite look for me.  I attached it to a brass chain and it's about 21 inches long.  So now i'm off to look for more inspiration!

Please leave me a comment so I can have some feedback.

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  1. Hi Dawn, I am hopping around visiting from the GYB Party and wanted to tell you I really like this necklace. It's a great combination of rustic and bling. I pinned it to my Beautiful Inspirations Board