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Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Dreary Beautiful Mess

This snow has to stop!!  Got up this morning fully expecting to go to church. Excuses, excuses but after yesterdays exploration into the nearest town was a good hour and 15 minutes travel time(it's usually about 12-15 minutes) we decided not to go.  So i watched online.  It was a good sermon but wish I had been there.

My so-called creative juices did not flow well.  Ended up being sluggish, lazy and just wanting to do nothing.  It's been so cloudy except for little spurts of sunshine.  I did end up traveling hours into the blogasphere. Stayed up till about 2 am on Friday reading all of the blogs that I love but never have much time to read.  It was magical but still didn't inspire me much to sit and create.  But got some mad inspiration.

One of my fav bloggers is Fancifuldevices blog.  Also known as Marina Rios.  You can check her blog out here.  This lady makes some other worldly designs and I want some to call my own.  Looking at her blog gave me inspiration to make these earrings:

I haven't added the ear wires but I bought the buttons a while ago for something else.  Fanci has been using these beautiful crystals in her jewelry lately and hers are gorgeous.  I've had the raw crystals for a long time.  I used the white ones but not the ones that are darker.  I used steel wire to attach everything. I think i'll use steel for the ear wires too but i'll seal them.

These suckers are pretty long.  About 3 and a 1/4 inches without the ear wires.  Will probably list these tomorrow as they would be lovely to wear for a party.  The pic sucks so will see if we get some sun tomorrow.  I hope so.  My seasonal affective disorder (SAD) ---is going to start soon if the sun doesn't come out at least part of the day. SAD is about right!!!!

Remember the pics I took when this weather began on Thursday?  Well this is what we ended up with as of today.  We even got some more snow this morning!

Happy slipping and sliding  east coast!!!  Not fun!

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