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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Some Jewelry Inspirations From Pinterest

So i'm looking at my jewelry inspirations board on Pinterest and thought i'd share some things i've found that really inspire me.  Not only to inspire my jewelry making but they are some items I find simply stunning.  Check them out!

I love these earrings.  They are colorful without being too bright.

AlegriaAlegria Shabby Rustic Assemblage Gipsy Rustic by Tribalis

I have a bunch of raw crystals.  I love long chains with chunky elements hanging from them.  This is def an inspiration piece for me.  I'll be sure and show the piece I make using this piece as inspiration.

chunky and feminine. Some inspiration I can use!

This chunky monster is beautiful to me.  I have a lot of large beads bought by accident that I never use because people I know want smaller stuff.

necklace chunky modern neutrals

I love leather used in jewelry.  I've only made a couple of items and people snapped them up.  I have a small stash of leather in diff colors that I for some reason horde.

The colors used here remind me of the ocean.  It gives me an idea for some stones that I have.  Def using these as inspiration.  That sterling is gorg.

Am obsessed right now with old rusty stuff especially keys and locks.  They are extremely popular.  I made some and trimmed them with rhinestones.  But they were brass and don't look old.  So i'm looking for more to darken and make crusty as  Fanci of says.  Ya'll should check out her blog.  This girl creates some of the most creative designs and she makes everything look crusty and old.  I'm obsessed with her!!

Rhinestones.  Loving them. Oh to find a haul of vintage rhinestones pieces that I could afford.  I look for them all the time!!  I have a few but they are not vintage so they would need to be aged.

Don't you just love the simplicity of this necklace?  I do.  I would wear this with all sorts of colors.

These colors remind me of a sunset.  Talk about inspiring!

Rhinestones and an aspirin tin top.  Genious!!

I have a key this big and i'm now gonna use it! This necklace is simple but eye catching.  Lets see what I can do with it using this as inspiration.

I'm not usually into red but the way it was used here just makes it pop.  Those turquoise stones are gorg.

That's all i'll bore you with now.  But what type of jewelry inspires you??


  1. Wow! Loving that key necklace! Very cool! Let's do that- put together something with this inspiration. And we'll blog about it together!! I dont think I have a key that big though. that's my only thing, but I might be able to do soemthing with one of the keys I have.

    1. That sounds good. i have a really large key that I thought was way too big but i'll use it and be anxious to see what you do with it too. i think I got the key I have from Michaels but it was a while ago.