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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Weather!! perfect Time to Be Creative

So, today is a cloudy, dreary messy day.  I just looked out of the door and this is what it's doing right now:

the snow started about 12:30

then it turned to something you can hear.   This started almost exactly when they said it would--about noon.

So since i'm not working at the moment i don't have to worry about driving in this mess.  I have no choice but to get to work at my jewelry making table.  I have so much i want to make, so many ideas that i have even put down on paper in the form of sketches.  I guess you can call them sketches.  It's not like i'm an artist or anything.

I'm going to sit and see what i'm inspired to do.  Maybe i'll have something made today and photo'd and put on my blog.  If only I didn't have to work for real!!  But knowing me i'd say "oh i have plenty time" and never get a damn thing done.  See you.

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