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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So Mad--Made a Big Mistake

So those earrings I was so proud of inspired by my secret mentor Fanci I totally ruined them!!!  Thought i'd be so smart to put a hole of my own making in the button and totally caused it to break.  Now have one that is perfect and the other in pieces!  I know mistakes are how we learn but these were going to be a delicious present.

I knew it was too thick to make the hole but thought i was so damn smart and could just slowly twist the hole punch.  So i'm going to just make them mismatched because i only had two of those pretty buttons.  Maybe that'll work.  Since i'm miss "i don't like matchy matchy".  The pic below is of the broken earring and the hole punch i used.

I feel so bad cuz those were for my sis.  i'm gonna see how they look mismatched.    XO


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