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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Made Some Christmas Presents--Beware Bad Pics Ahead

So I  have been busy making some Christmas presents for friends and family.  I have to say though that i probably had enough stuff already made to give as gifts but somehow wanted to make new stuff.  I have to say that I am hoping for a brand new camera for a gift this year-but we'll see.  It's either that or a Ninja.  Of course I want both.  Whichever I don't get i'll buy myself later.  Anyhoo, i have some relatives who love nothing but bling.  Guess that's where i get--it's genetic.  We're like rats, attracted to shiny things. Took these pics with my iphone, piece of crap that it is.

There is nothing else to do right now because it's all ice outside so me and hubs just stayed in all day making fires in the fireplace and eating crap all day long.  Can't wait for the sun to go down cause we are having some egg nog spiked with lots of rum!!!!!!  Who knows what kind of jewelry i'll make after that!!

The necklace below is for a friend who is very simple--i mean who likes simple things.  It's just a pretty button on a leather cord.  I used mixed metal findings like the silver jump ring it's attached to.

One of my nieces has been asking me for a charm bracelet for months but each time i told her to measure her wrist and give me the measurement.  Never got it so never made it.  Her mother finally told me what the size was.  It's certainly not made of sterling-considering the cost of sterling these days-but it'll do until i can make one of all sterling.

The earrings below are strictly bling.  Big ol glass crystals.  These are attached to brass clip on ear hooks.  Those things are hard to find.  And the ones you find are so plain and frankly ugly to me.  I love making ear wires for pierced ears but hate these clip thingees!!!

I posted these in an earlier post where they were attached to some really nice buttons.  But i broke one trying to put a hole in it so had to start over.  Again with the clip ons .  They just mess up the earrings in my opinion. I'm using a lot of steel these days because i love the look of it.  You can make it look like oxidized sterling.  I left this wire rough looking.  Following my jewelry idol Fanciful Devices!!

I used some more of the large glass crystals to make these earrings for another bling lover.  And of course they are attached to clip ons.  They need to find a cure for keloid forming skin in my humble nurse opinion.

I made three of the necklaces below.  One for me of course.  I varied them all a little with embellishments.  That large briolette is glass and it's a dark purple cause i know it's not a very good pic.  One i used mostly vintage pearls and glass crystals.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas.  I will be going home alone to see family and i can't wait to see everybody and eat like a piglet--oh okay like a pic--.  I'll be back to complain about all the lb's i gained and how constipated i am. I know that's tmi but everybody knows the deal.

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