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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some New Earrings

Thought i'd do a quick post.  Very busy at work this week but took time tonight to make a pair of earrings that turned out really cute.

I've been wanting to try out resin for a while -that's my prob you see, I jump around too much- anyway,

I bought some to try out over the weekend and I really like it.  Makes me feel all artsy and stuff.  I bought the silver bezels, put some cutouts from an old book, placed it into the bezels and poured the resin.  The directions said 6-12 hours totally dry time.

When I finished putting the whole earring together I noticed that the writing is upside down.  After I paniced I thoughthey, that makes them even more unique.  So I let it stand.  The stones are simple black glass nuggets with purple glass rondelles hung on hand forged brass ear wires.

They'll be listed in my shop tonight around 8:30 pm tonight.  Take a look ! here

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