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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Up Late Creating! What the Heck!

I sometimes have the problem of not being able to sleep and tonight, or this morning i'm up--damn it!!  Anyway since I was up anyway I decided to come into my little studio ( a small bedroom) and got to work.  I came up with some new earrings.  thought i'd post them now too.  What the hell.

Here they are:

So these first ones are just indulgences.  I happen to love long earrings and these babies are a little over 3 and a half inches.  Whew!  Anyway I absolutely love all the blue in them.  The lighter blue ones are frosted.  The dark blue beads are almost watery looking -  dreamy.  They came from a wonderful artisan on Etsy.  Can't find the link right now though.

The turquoise colored ones below also came from the same artisan on etsy.  I love the beads at the top.  They are so special.  And the "eggs" at the bottom are from a different artisan and i love the rough texture of them.  They are not quite as long - about 2 and a half inches long.  Again, I love long earrings with that bohemian flair.  The brownish beads on top of the yellow discs look like candy.  Yummy!  Yellow and turquoise look delish together.

The shot below are just to get up close and personal with the eggs, the discs and the candy beads. I loe this combo together.  The wire is Vintaj brass plated copper.  The ear wires are forged out of the same wire.

I think I've shown these before and they are already in my etsy shop here.  I love the different shades of pink with the contrast of the black beads and the steel ear wires.

These earrings in yellow and blue and green are too cute.  They are the shortest at 2 inches.  I'm loving these yellow acrylic discs.  As I guess you can tell by now.  I like them cause i'm panting for spring and that yellow seems to brighten up everything and go with a lot of other colors. 

Okay so I am hella sleepy so off to bed i go!  If interested i'm listing these beauties in my shop later this morning or afternoon.  Guess it depends on when I get up now. Goodnight / morning.

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