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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Sunday Everybody!

So it's a beautiful day outside.  It's sunny and almost warm.  This is a long week end for me so I intend to enjoy it and make some jewelry too.  Thought i'd show an idea that I have that's not quite formulated really.  It's green-a color i'm drawn to lately-and brass with a verdigris patina.  As I look at it though I realize it needs some color.  I've thought about a lot of colors like purple, red, yellow, a different shade of green.  I just can't find it right now.  But I will.

I got the verdegris'd brass pendant from a shop on etsy that has some really nice stampings in brass. They are reasonably priced and I check their store often for unusual supplies.  It's called Dime Store Emporium and you can find her here.  So I guess enough rambling here's the beginning design:

I have no idea yet how to connect all these different elements. It will no doubt have to change but it may work like it is.  That is the challenge in jewelry design for me.  How to actually put together the designs that come out of my pea brain.  Sometimes there is just no making it work.  Frustrating yes, but when it all does come together it makes me really happy! 

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