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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Bead Ordering Fool!

I usually try and stock up on new items at the beginning of the year just to kind of spice things up.  Well this year I have found some really good sources for beads.  I have ordered a lot from several different Etsy stores and gotten some really cute beads that have sparked my imagination (I hope).

I thought i'd share some of the sources i've found.

One supplier is one I spoke about in a previous post.  It's Aunties Beads and I have to say they are fast and the beads are excellent.  You can find them here.

A source from Etsy is a really nice and talented lady whose store is Maya-Honey Lampwork Beads .  Her name is Katarina and whenever i've ordered from her she always includes some freebies as a thank you.  I may have to try that if I ever have enough orders!

 You can find her store here.  I just received the package in the mail today and I love them.  Here are some of them.  I must be into green and blues cause the colors look oceany.  But there are plenty more.

                                I love these beads texture and color.  I'm thinking earrings??

 These shells are really rustic looking.  Can't think of anything at the moment with these.  Hmmmm?

 These beige beads are really cute but they're kind of small so probably in a bracelet maybe.

 These turquoise colored draggonfly beads are really rough and aged looking.  And the turquoise 3 dot beads are really nice.     Love them! No real ideas yet.

Another source i've used this year is a company called Bead Trust.  I found this source on a jewelry designer's blog.  This lady makes the most stunning pieces.  I think it's the way she puts colors and textures together.  She is phenominal!  You can find her blog here.

 You can find Bead Trust's site here.  They have great sales and the things i've  received on sale were of good quality.

And for really vintage looking and patina'd (is that a word??##@!!) items -- anyway this is another Etsy seller and it's called Dimestore Emporium.  I have ordered quite a few trinkets and chain and charms and pendants and i've really loved them all.  You can check them out here.  Their prices are good also.  Speaking as a working person.

So those are some of the sellers and company's i've used.  Hope you find something useful here.  Check them out!


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