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Friday, May 2, 2014

Look What I Made This Week

I have been concentrating on finally getting a job this week so I have not had as much time as I have had to make jewelry.  But I finally finished an asymetrical necklace that I was doing for the Alchemy of Objects class I was taking (sad face it's over).

I'm so proud of it because it was hell to get it right seeing that it's asymetrical.  Take a look and tell me what you think:

I've decided that it's mine!  My husband said it's one of the prettiest necklaces i've ever made.  I agree with him.  It's made of carnelian, peach glass beads and brass chain.  For the back I made a simple

Those focal beads I got from a seller on Etsy.  Lately i've bought a lot from Etsy sellers.  I'm just now realizing just what unique stuff you can get on Etsy.   The other glass beads I had forever.  I'm not a big fan of orange and it's variations but for whatever reason I really love the colors in this necklace.

I have a really pretty coral sundress that will go perfectly with this necklace.  Can you see the beautiful rhinestones in those beads?  They are really sparkly.

Until next time!


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  2. Dawn, what a lovely necklace, I am not much of a fan of orange either, but this necklace has such soft yet rich peachy shades it will look wonderful with your coral sundress, just the thing!