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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy and Blessed Memorial Day to Our Veterans Past and Present

I just wanted to write a post to those who serve, have served and have lost their lives serving this great nation of ours.  And also to their families who serve and have served right along with their loved ones.

It takes a great toll on families when their loved ones-men and women are in far away lands serving this country. So to those families I say be blessed and stay strong.  It's a hard life sometimes without those you love.

So to vets past and present and those serving right now, I say God bless you all!!!  I intend to do my duty and serve the veterans and their families in any way that I can.  I'm looking all the time for places to contribute money and time to assist any that I can.  And no matter what I do, I can never repay them for what they have done and the freedoms that that have helped all of us to have.

Today is such a dreary, rainy day.  It looks like night when it's actually afternoon.  So I decided to make some jewelry and I managed to make two necklaces.

This is one:

I found this marcasite looking peacock at one of my fav antique malls.  At first I thought it was marcasite but looked closer and it's kind of a pot metal and it was a brooch.  I removed the pin back knowing it was gonna be a focal for a necklace.
 I connected the peacock using some rainbow jasper that got recently.  I love the colors and they all coordinate so well.  I wired it all together with some silver plated wire.

Then I added a little vintage cross to the side of the peacock.

 Isn't that jasper a beautiful color.  Some of the stones are rough which I love!

 On the back you can kind of see where the peacock was made in Germany and where the pin was attached.

I used a hand made sterling hook for the clasp and used some clear glass crystals and a jasper to hang from the back.  I'm thinking this is a keeper for me.  I love that peacock.

Although last night my sister asked if it was a turkey!!!  We all had a good laugh about it.

This is the other necklace I made this weekend:

It's fitting for this special weekend.  I found this old eagle pin that is from a military uniform.  Something about eagles that just draws me.  I cut the pin backs off the eagle and put it together with some aquamarine and amethyst.  I've had the aquamarine squares a really long time.  They are a bit rugged looking but a gorgeous blue-green color.

You can tell from the picture that the two colors work very well together.

 This eagle is mid flight with spread wings and talons ready to take whatever prey it's looking for.  These birds are so majestic!!

 Here's a picture of the necklace all put together.  I just used a simple hand forged sterling hook clasp for the closure.


I truly hope everyone has a safe, blessed Memorial Day.  And may we all use Memorial Day to pray for all of our soldiers and veterans alike.


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