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Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Necklace!

I made another necklace today.  It was a really busy day but I found the time.  Now that i'm going back to a "day job" I just feel this urgency to make stuff before I forget what I learned in the jewelry class I took.  I'm sure I won't forget because it has totally turned my jewelry making in a new direction which is a good thing and I'm excited about it.

I could kick myself for not taking a class before now.  If any of you are thinking about it don't hesitate.  It can completely turn your hobby/business around in a new direction.

 For me I learned some new techniques and improved on some of the techniques I already had.  It was a God send for me.

So i'm totally into found objects now and I found one that I immediately fell in love with.  It's a big silver starfish.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it when I bought it but knew I'd use it eventually.  I decided to use it today and I made a gorgeous statement necklace with it.  It is the star of the show.

 I think the starfish is beautiful because it's so detailed.  It's made out of silver metal with incredible detailing.  If you've seen a starfish up close it's very similar only it's silver.  This piece is vintage but I don't know how old it is.

 I made it with some crystal beads in a deep blue and some abalone shell beads i've had awhile.  Thought the shells and the starfish go together so well as representations of the ocean.

The abalone beads have some wonderful colors--blue, green, pink.  I love them.

I made a hand forged sterling silver hook clasp for the closure.  I even balled the end of the hook.  A result of the class.  I'm no longer afraid of the torch!!!

If anyone knows of some really good instructors who give online classes tell me about it.  I'm itching to learn more!

Happy weekend everyone.

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