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Sunday, April 7, 2013

No New Jewelry But Shots of My Pathetic Little Studio

I don't know what has happened but my little studio space has gone to the dogs!  I went in to see if any creative juices would flow but I just could not create in this mess!!

So even thought this is embarassing as hell I decided to show this mess and hopefully it will spur me on to clean it up.

The pic below is where I store things and from pulling out and just throwing stuff back the little bookshelf has turned into a nightmare!!  Look how I just threw crap back in.  I can be such a slob?  Am I the only one?

This pic below is more storage shelves that I picked from a give away at an office in my building that was closing down it's location.  It used to be so neat and I could find stuff when needed.  Ugh!!!!

Then there's my computer  and the crap has started moving over there.  It's hard to blog when you are surrounded by a junky mess.  Don't even know what half of that stuff is.

The one below is where i've recently started trying to create.  So uninspiring! I have these crappy torn blinds up there and these awful curtains that were in another room (it's clean by the way).  Under the table are some really nice little antique looking containers given to me by a friend from work.  They are nice but need to be stored somewhere out of the way.  There's also my nice collection of jewelry making books that are just stacked on the floor.  That's what I got the bookcase for.

 And why I have kept this elliptical machine in here is beyond me. Probably because like lots of peeps I intended to use it.  Operative word intend.  But I haven't even looked at that thing for several months. Sad.

So now that everyone knows what a mess i've been trying to create in I vow to clean this mess up and to keep it that way.  My husband walked in behind me to use the computer but he quickly left with a disgusted look on his face.

So i'm off to begin the task of getting back in order.  If you can be a slob please say so in comments so I won't feel so bad.  I will show pics of it cleaned up so you'll know that I did it.


  1. LOLOLOLOL...Oh Dawn, you ought to see MINE. My space is smaller and I have ALL kinds of "stuff" in there as besides jewelry, I crochet and scrapbook....My computer is in the dining room and I have taken over the end of the table...the only plus side to that is I am in front of a window and I have my bird feeder out side. So I can gaze at the birds. As for the machine, when you walk into the room, jump on and work out for 5 min. If you go in that room many times a day, think of the exercise you would get. Thanks for the post. I don't know that I will ever get mine cleaned, but look forward to pics of yours....:-)

  2. You are so kind Vera and I wish I had something nice to look at. The bird feeder sounds nice. maybe if I had something nice to look at it would not be so bad. We'll see! Thanks for your comment.