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Monday, April 1, 2013

Blog Challenge Results

This was a challenging component for me.  And I guess that was the point.  But I hate challenges.  Makes me nervous.  Sad I know.  Anyway below is the item I made and I don't particularly like it but i'll be brave and post it.  Wait till you go to the host's blog.  Lorelei is her name and she does some of the most wonderful pieces.

Don't tell her but she is a design inspiration for me.  So here's the item I made.  I'm not so fond of it but it's all I could come up with.  So here goes:

I used two bracelets with the pendant on them and the other 2 are sea glass inspired beads in a beautiful blue and green.  Love the beads.

I just made a bracelet stack.The two bracelets on the outside are singles.

So now to the host's blog and the others who participated.  They are all very talented and I think you'd enjoy seeing all the different interpretations.  Enjoy!



  1. Great color palette! I like that you made it into a stack of bracelets. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day. Erin