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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A New Necklace Design!

So last night I was so bored! Don't know if it's boredom more just restless.  So since I was home alone I went into the studio and decided to putter around and clean some more. I sat down and made a necklace.  Which is what I should'a been doing anyway.  This is what I came up with:

the stones are turquoise magnesite.  It looks like real turquoise to me but i'm no gem expert.  The black beads are some simple glass beads.   I was going to leave it without a pendant.  But I love pendants so I made one out of the magnesite stone with some silver colored daisy spacers and made a sterling silver-filled bail to hang it on.  I saw the bail technique in one of my jewelry making books and decided to give it a try.

 I think it came out great! Wore it to work today and received several compliments.  I love it when that happens.  I always try a piece out before putting it up for sale.  I have to make sure it's wearable and will hold up with wear.  Don't want people spending money for something that won't last long.

 I thought about using a brass clasp but then decided since everything else was silver i'd make a wire hook type clasp and connect it with a jump ring.

 So when I went outside to photograph it my 2 mutts were just out there laying around trying to "help" me.  I took pics of them too.  It was 28 degrees this morning and it's April!!!!

The one below is Gabby.  She's really pretty when clean.  But since this weather has been so unspring-like we haven't even tried to clean them up.  They look like 2 dirty mops.  Embarassing as a pet owner .  But oh well.  Gabby is sometimes really stand'offish (is that a word???)  Very loving dog when she wants to be.

This scraggly girl below is Molly.  She is really sweet and loves to be affectionate---with anyone!!!!  Doesn't she look horrible?  Dirty, dirty girl.  We had rain, sleet and hail yesterday and they just love to roll around in mud.  We live in Oklahoma so all the dirt around here is red.  We also live in the country and I mean in the COUNTRY so there's really no way to keep them clean year round.

So now i'm off to try and re-work this necklace so I can put it in my etsy shop tomorrow.   I need to balance it out.  Take a look at it tomorrow in my store here and think about bringing it home to be yours. And if you feel like it leave me a comment about this new design.

Have a nice evening!

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