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Friday, November 2, 2012

So--Surgery Completed

Had trigger finger release on my right pinky yesterday.  It is painful but not as bad as I thought.  Unfortunately could not go to work cause have to take a pain med to stay on top of the pain. (typing going really slowly. Wish I had someone to type for me).  anyway, since I can't make jewelry just thought thought i'd put up what i'm working on and then when it's finished i'll show what the completed piece looks like.  So here goes!

So the pic above is how far I got on stringing this bracelet.  I used pink vintage beads that are a little worse for wear but that is why I like using vintage beads.  They are not perfect.  Just like us.  They little beatings from life while they are here.  It builds character. (So they say)   I am really into the verdegris patina and i'm trying to use it more in my designs.  I really like the 2 briolettes I used to give it some more color.  One is called calcedony(the blue one) and the other is a brown glass briolette.  Between each bead is a bronze colored seed bead.  Let's see if there will be any changes.

I love that little crystal studded owl.  He is a bronze color and looks very wise.  That leaf is a copper/bronze color and I'm trying to figure out how I want to use it in this piece.  We shall see!

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