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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Post for Items I love That Are in My Shop

I thought i'd post some of the items in my Etsy shop that don't seem to be getting any love.  I really like some of them but seems i'm the only one.  So i'd just like to post several of these unloved items.  Maybe someone here will take an interest.

 For instance, this little asymetrical necklace above.  I love it and am very proud of it.  It's made of green freshwater pearls, prehnite briolettes and peach colored coral.  The pendant is unakite which is a beautiful green and peach color.  What's not to love?  It needs a good home! Check it out here.

The bracelet above is very modern yet romantic.  The color reminds me of the deep blue of the ocean and the turquoise sea just off of a Jamaican beach.  I don't get it.  I think it's lovely and very unique.  You can see it here.

The beachy bracelet above is a stunner and the colors mimic the coral of the seas.  It's very dainty yet makes a statement.  It's double stranded with freshwater pearls and a strand of coral discs.  Then we have the pewter charms which are ocean inspired.  See it here.

And finally this purple and red necklace that is so colorful and fun.  The pendant has reds, oranges, purples and the purple jade beads are a beautiful purple.  Help it find a home.  You can see it here.

So i've decided to see if giving a discount off of these items might spur someone here to take a look and fall in love with an item.  If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these beauties you can go to my Etsy shop and purchase away!  Enter code Fall2012 for a 15% discount off of any of the above items.  Just enter the code for the discount upon checkout. You can go to my Etsy store here.

And by the way if anyone passes through please feel free to post any comments.  Even if you aren't in the market to buy anything.

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