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Saturday, November 3, 2012

So----I'm Back Today

I was thinking today about what to say--if anything--and I had the idea of talking about my evolving style.  I've really noticed from the jewelry blogs i've been pouring over that a lot of jewelry designers evolve over time into their own style.  I don't feel so bad now because I was beginning to think that  I was just a wanderer among jewelry processes.  I have dipped my hands into wire wrapping and stringing .  Now i'm playing with colors and inks and stamps.  There is so much that you can learn in the process of making jewelry.

Anyway I thought i'd show some early designs and some recent ones to see if i've changed at all.  I've gotten a lot of inspiration from other bloggers.   Some of these are  available  Here

                               So take a look and see if my"style" is changing.  Here they are.

                  Please pardon the draping on the necklace above.  Hideous!  Never meant to be seen.

                                 The necklace above is so colorful which is not always me.


                        I was into making all of my own clasps.  Love to hammer and sand wire.

                                I love the assymetry of this piece and I LUUUUUUUV bling!

Bohemian anyone?  I'm really loving the longer length necklaces.  Trying to find different way of connecting.  All of the links in the above necklace were hand made by me.  And I used handmade jump rings to connect everything.  I;m proud of that.

I love religious icons and decided to use one on this cute little colorful bracelet.  I used an acrylic "crystal" to hang in back of the little angel.

Well, that was an interesting trip down memory lane.  I think i've gotten brave enough to try using mixed metals and more colors and I really like the look of more casual jewelry such as the boho style. Think i'll stick here for awhile.

Here are some blogs that I like:    This lady is a whiz at organization.  Found on

Well, until next time.

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