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Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Mojo Came Back--Somewhat

Busy this weekend making some new pieces.  Am having a little hand surgery next Thursday so I want to get all the things made that I can for the upcoming craft show in November.  Check them out and see what you think.  I know i'm talking to myself but it's kind of cathartic!

The first Necklace is 42 inches long!  And very Bohemian.  I am very inspired these days by a book that I bought written by one of my fav jewelry bloggers Lorilei Eurto and her partner Erin Siegel.  Fab book for those who really like boho style.  There are several jewelry artists in the book and they are all fabulous.  Using leather, sari silk, waxed linen cord and so on.  Check it out if you like making jewelry.

I think the necklace above has a very romantic look and it's unusual.  I don't know if I would wear the necklace and the earrings together but I love the look of each of them.

All of these items are listed in my etsy shop here

I'm thinking of having a necklace give away sometime soon but i have to figure out all the details to make sure everything is on the up and up.  Hopefully I can reach more of you.  We'll see.

This green necklace is another boho necklace and it's also 42 inches long.  All the wire is antique brass and I love the little star connectors.  I couldn't even get it all in one shot!  I'll have to figure that out.

  Here's the very bottom of the necklace.  I hand forged the steel wire bail that the bead pendant hangs from.    This steel thing is really cool.  It's so easy to work with and for some reason I love doing the sanding and the waxing of the steel.  it takes on a wonderful silver color when done right.  I was inspired to us steel by a wonderful jewelry artist named Brenda Schweder.  She also wrote a book about using steel wire.  I just love this necklace and can think of a million things to wear it with.

I recently made a large order from an internet bead company that I just learned about.  It's called Bead Trust and you can find them here if you want to take a  Take a look at some of my haul below.  For whatever reason that little face just "spoke" to me.  I have no idea what to do with him but i'm sure I eventually will. 

I absolutely love the "seek solitude" acrylic bead.  I haven't used much acrylic but i'm kind of into it now.  We'll see what I think of to use it.

 Well back to work.  Hopefully I can keep these fingers working for the rest of the weekend to get some more jewelry made.   And my little brain can come up with some more creations.                    Until next time!

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