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Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's Been Awhile!

Since I last blogged.  This full-time job thing is killer.  But i'm enjoying bringing home a paycheck.  I haven't had (or made) a lot of time to blog or create jewelry but i'm hoping to change that.  I've decided that I will post at least every Sunday.

I have made a few new pieces that i'm happy to show you because I think they are really pretty.  I'm still fascinated with vintage rhinestone pieces including buttons and brooches.  I have gathered quite a collection at this point and i've got to start using them.

I found the vintage blue rhinestone brooch at my fav antique store a couple of weeks ago.  It's large and blingy just like I like it.  I think this is the largest brooch i've used.  It's not signed so I thought i'd use it with these gorgeous gemstone beads.  They are a beautiful blue that goes perfectly with the brooch.  I wore this one to work one day just to see if I got a reaction and wow did I!  I had 5 women ask where it was from and how they could get one.

I added a long dangle at the back to give it more interest back there and used the same gemstone beads and a clear crystal.

This necklace is one of the prettiest ones i've made yet.  If you like bling it's listed in my  shop now.  So go check it out.

I found the vintage button with a star design at another antique shop that's a bit farther away from where I live but there is a lady there that is a button freak (her words).  She has some amazing buttons to choose from and is happy to tell you all about them.  Really nice lady.  so I found this vintage rhinestone button that I fell in love with mainly because it reminds me of the Texas flag.
the beads are faceted lapis which I bought a while ago.  I love the look of the blue with the bling.
I also listed this one in my etsy store. It's about 19 inches long including the focal.

And then there's this necklace.  I have been searching high and low to find one this vintage rhinestone buckles and finally!!! I used half of the buckle to make the necklace below.  I bought the beautiful beads at a bead show so I don't exactly know what they are gemstone wise.  I'm thinking they are chrysoprase because they are a beautiful green color and faceted.I made a sterling hook clasp for the necklace and it's about 20 inches long including the focal.
I haven't worn this one to see if I get comments but my friend is clambering for it.  We'll see.
Lovely, lovely.  I'm so glad I found that buckle.  Now i'm looking for more of them to incorporate into my jewelry.

I've blogged about this one before but thought it's worth showing again.  I love all the pink with the black mixed in.  That pink rhinestone brooch I bought from a Facebook group that destashes and sells stuff and it is really pretty with the bow at the bottom.  The beads are rhodonite and pink/black faceted agate beads mixed together.

The pinks are not "matching" but the colors all blend together well.
My flex shaft is working miracles in my life and i'm so glad I splurged and bought it.  I have put holes in different objects and pieces of jewelry components, polished with it and there are uses I still don't know about yet.  If you are really into the jewelry making thing then i think it's worth saving up to get the best flex shaft you can buy.  Mine is a Fordham that is said to be the best.

Oh, yeah, we think we've found our next house.  It's in a lovely gated community that's small and very well established.  We are now jus waiting to see if the current owners will accept our offer so we can move in before the end of summer.  I will be so glad to have a home of my own again.  I love my sister and appreciate her willingness to put up with us awhile but I think it's time to move on.  Here's a little peek at what it looks like.

This is the back of the house which I love because the yard is full of mature trees and there's plenty of shade for the Texas heat that has already arrived in early July.

This is just some landscaping in the back by the pond that runs thru the whole neighborhood.

The owners built a little sitting deck right over the pond (the pond has not so pretty water in it at the moment) but it's a nice little spot to chill in the evenings and weekends.
So everyone say some well wishes for us to finally get back to our lives and owning a home of our own!!! Stay tuned to the saga of offers, counters and yeses and no's.

Oh, a few more pieces to show-earrings.

I found these cute little earrings and knew I had to have them for the little charms.  The components awesome type of blue material with inlaid mop representing the moon and the stars.  I took them apart and attached some blue crystals and silver plated chain and it made a beautiful pair of earrings.  A lady at my job bought them.  I really was planning to keep them for myself but she admired them so much I sold them.

I made these little magnesite earrings to go with the necklace below it.  Since the necklace is really busy I thought some simple little earrings with a pop of red coral would't over power.

These little charmers can go with that large blue rhinestone focal necklace without being "too much". They are made with the same blue gemstones and some clear crystal briolettes that look blue because they reflect the color of the beads.

The earrings below are made with some religious medals I bout on ebay.  The medals are not vintage but you wouldn't know it by looking.  I just hung some simple clear crystals on them and made some sterling ear wires.  I have worn these many times and have made 4 additional pairs for other ladies who like them.

So that's all for me now.  I'm going to go and make some jewelry on this quiet Sunday morning and be praying that we get this house.  By the way, it happens to be right down the street from my best friend so i'm excited to see if it all pans out.  Later peeps!!!

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