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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Second Week of Work Down- Time for Some Fun!

So I guess i'm getting into the work groove again.  Still tired and needing a nap at work sometimes.  But of course that's not happening.

Me and hubby finally had enough energy to go out and have some fun this weekend.  We went to one of our fav restaurant's for some sushi and sake.  It's called Pirahanna ( spelling probably wrong) but it was fabulous as usual.  Here's a pic of C getting his eat on:

We were so excited to finally get up the energy to do something fun, that we ordered sushi and some cooked delights too.  I had to roll myself outta there. Woo hoo!!!!

And then I made some jewelry.  It was so good to just take the time to do what I love to do and these are the results:

I actually made this magnesite necklace last weekend but could not get any good pics of it because it was a cloudy, rainy mess of a day.  I got the cross at the last bead show I went to in Oklahoma City.
And the brass book I got from a lady on Etsy who sells some of the most interesting jewelry making stuff.  The brass piece is actually a tiny little book but I cut the two pieces in half and used them as separate pieces.  I love the wording on the front cover and the picture on the back cover.  I plan to use one of them as a full one piece eventually in something else.

 I love how this necklace came together and plan on wearing it tomorrow with an all black outfit.

Then I made this necklace.  I was in a pink mood today and I bought this pink rhinestone piece from a lady on a Facebook group I joined. I think it's so pretty with a bow "tying" it off.  It was actually a brooch that I cut the pin back off of and used as a focal (thank you Deryn Mentock).  There were no missing rhinestones in this piece.  It's pretty old so that's unusual.

I had some faceted agate beads and some rhodonite beads all in beautiful hues of pink.  Wired them altogether and it's all a perfect match.  I used some sterling filled wire to make a clasp and used some crystal stones to make a long drapey back for the necklace along with one of the gemstone beads.

Love how it turned out.

 Those beads go together well with the pink and black together.

This one is asymmetrical which I love but can't always make it work.

So that was my weekend in a nutshell and it was fab for a change.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  See you later!

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