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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We Found Our House, We Found Our House!!!!

I am so excited!!!!!
We decided to just start looking every evening after work to finally find that house that we both agree'd on.  I must say it's been rough.  He has weird taste (in my opinion) and i'm sure he feels the same about me.

But anyway, we were in a little neighborhood waiting for our realtor (lovely guy with a lovely wife and new baby) so we decided to drive around the neighborhood a little to see what it had to offer.

so we drove about 2 streets over and came across these wonderful houses that looked like condos or something to me.  He said those are not condo's.  I said yes they are.  So of course the next thing was to prove each other wrong.  And boy am I happy he was right and I was not cause the more we looked and drove around the streets the more we both realized that these were indeed houses.

So, at the house we were supposed to look at was another couple with their realtor looking at it.  But by this time we didn't care.  We looked at the appointed house and it was lovely but just didn't compare to the ones we stalked earlier.  We told our realtor about the ones we had seen and he got on the phone with the listing agent and we could see it right then!!!

I was thrilled.  So, we get back to the stalked home and there was that other couple!!!  I wanted to yell out of the window move!!! I think that's our house but of course didn't.

We finally got inside and it's my house!!! I was so excited I could hardly walk around it.  It was everything I had been looking for (I know this sounds a little creepy like I found my soulmate or something) but it was a dream come true.

I only have one picture on my phone and the rest I took with hubs phone cause mine was dying.

The pictures just don't do the place justice but here goes--

Here's our cute realtor opening the door for us.  He has the cutest wife and little big green/blue-eyed baby you've ever seen.  I took a pic of little Josh but I didn't think it appropriate to put his pic on my blog.

This is from the inside of the front door. That door is stunning.  I love it.

This is the first room that I think the owners used as a "living room" but we are going to combine it with the dining room to make it a big  family room.  Don't you just love those floors.  First on my agenda is to get rid of that thick expensive carpet and try to match the hard room in the dining area.

Here's another transom above the door to the master bedroom.  I love these "old" touches in this home.

This is the master bedroom looking into the master bath.  It's kind of dark and it also has expensive carpet which I intend to get rid of.  Hubs thinks i'm crazy but we came from a house with all hard wood with nary a carpet to be found and I love'd that about our last house.  So it'll be a tug of war but I WILL WIN!!

Now this is the master bathroom which needs some work but I kind of like the old  glass-tiled shower.  What do you think?  The huge tub is jetted and 2 windows surround it.

This is a weird little space just outside of the bath.  It's tiled and open to the sky so I think it's a little area to look at while you take a bath.  Hubs says he'd put a big tree in a big decorative pot out there and maybe a little bench and call it a meditation space.  Like he meditates!!!! Please.  It's a little odd for me.  Think i'll ask the owners what they did with it.

This is the outside of the home.  I wanted to show you how close these homes are but couldn't get the other home in the picture.  They are called "garden homes".  This house is on a corner of the neighborhood so the back is surrounded by this brick wall on the street side.

This is the staircase up to the second floor.

This is the wonderful closet in the master bathroom.

And look--a built-in hutch in the bathroom!!  I love it.

Another shot of the living area.  That hutch looking thing in the corner is another built-in.  It housed the old fashioned tv (I say that like I wasn't around for those big ol' tv's).  Has a pullout thing for the tv to swivel on.  Don't quite know what I'm gonna do with that.  Any ideas?  Our tv is one of those huge flat things that will go on another wall.  We shall see.  I love that the whole house has wooden shutters.  Talk about expensive! We were always too cheap to get them for our last house.  Maybe too poor too.

This is a shot of the kitchen from the dining room.  Don't really like the tile but hubs thinks it's great. Mostly because he thinks it would cost a fortune to remove and replace.  This house is built to last.

Another view of the kitchen looking into the little dinette area.  It's small but there is a nice dining room at the back of the kitchen.  Don't know why they had 2 dining rooms.  It's not like i'm a great entertaining hostess or anything.  Maybe i'll get into it who knows.

Another view of the front.  Nicely landscaped.  Again, not big at all and the hoa takes care of the front and the back.

This is a view of the backyard which you enter from the kitchen.  You can see the wall on the right.

This is the side yard sort of.  Not much landscaping to do but I certainly will be planting something pretty there.  That deck is made out of that composite stuff which will last for years and years.

Just a view from the top of the stairs and that is the door to the master bedroom.

So that's the tour.  It's not a huge home.  Just big enough for the two of us and my mom if and when the time comes.

So I need you all to keep good thoughts that it's ours!!!  We should know by tomorrow because the husband is out of town on a trip and should be back then.  Once we hear, let the decorating begin!!!

Oh yea i've been so busy house hunting that I totally haven't made a piece of jewelry but the girls at work want me to bring some jewelry to work for them to pick through so if I can remember i'll do that.  Maybe after tomorrow with some good news I can finally relax and make some more pieces.
Keep those positive thought coming our way!!

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