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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jewelry Designing Class

So I am so glad that I decided to take this class.  As I said in a previous post the class is called the Alchemy of Objects and is being taught by a wonderful designer named Deryn Mentock.  Her style is awesome!  Check out her blog

I have learned so much in such a short time.  A lot of theory about symmetry, asymetry, color, balance and a lot of her techniques.  What i'm really happy about is learning to use found objects in jewelry making.  I'm looking at a lot of things in a new way now and am obsessed with scouring antique malls and thrift shops and ebay and all sorts of other places.

I have several projects in the works but I don't really want to show them until they are completed or almost completed.  This class has changed my whole outlook on jewelry making.

We'll see what happens with my style.  I'm so excited that I have completely put my job search on hold.  I eat, drink and sleep this class and ideas are just flowing.  It's a whole new feeling for me.  And it's great!

I'm now in the process of getting a flex shaft for drilling and a number of other tools that I need.  I've learned a lot about different wire and how to put things together to make them very sturdy.  One thing that has changed my outlook is to also pay attention to the back of your piece.  It just gives it a finished look.  Deryn talks about all of this in the class.

Deryn gave us lists of suppliers that she uses, as well as where to get certain supplies.

Drilling and altering objects is worth the price of admission alone.

Needless to say I would definitely recommend anyone interested in found object jewelry making should be on the lookout for this class being given again.

Another fantastic thing about this class is that all of the students have access to a facebook page where we get to ask Deryn and other students questions.  We can also upload our finished projects to this page and get great advice and even some praise form the others in class.  It's just fantastic.

So now I will stop but again, do take a look at Deryn's blog  It just might inspire you too.  Also I have her book: The Alchemy of Objects where she talks a lot about technique and altering objects.  It's a great book and even if you don't like her style of jewelry you can learn some really great techniques to put into your own arsenal for your own type of jewelry.

Well, back to obsessing for me!!

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hi Dawn,

    I'm so glad you enjoyed your class and have found some new items to incorporate into your jewelry making. It sounds like you have so many ideas swirling around :-)