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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jewelry Design Class Almost Over!

I really do hate that the Alchemy of Objects class is almost at it's end.  I have so enjoyed getting opinions from the instructor and ll the other students in the class.  Since I started late I won't be able to complete all the making challenges before April 20th.  That is a real bummer.

But I have to say it this is the first online jewelry making class i've taken and it was really a blast.  The format with technique videos, design process videos and the Facebook chat portion have been great learning tools.  I have gone over and over the videos to make sure that I have the techniques down pat to continue to build my skill level.

I have finished another piece that I will be posting to the class Facebook site for critique.  The challenge is for texture and I only have one big piece that is very textured.  I didn't have anything else to add so I let that big rock speak for itself:

It's a huge amethyst rock almost druzy like.  There are blue and grey and white striations surrounding the rock which I love.  Since I don't have any beads that are textured I just wire wrapped it together using polished amethyst nuggets and clear glass coin beads.  It's assymetrical in that both sides are a bit different.  I hung a coin bead at the bottom to tie it in with the ones in the body of the necklace.

One thing I learned in this class that I have taken to heart is that you should always try and make the back of a necklace as pretty as the front.  So the clasp I used for this necklace is a vintage rhinestone clasp with some purple crystals to connect it.

This is really difficult to see but it's the best I could do with no light anywhere today.  It's basically just 2 coin beads with a polished amethys nugget.  Also if you can see I connected the necklace to the clasp using the purple crystal beads.  Now to get that jump ring on the right to lay down!!

Here's a closeup of the amethyst pendant:

I know these pictures aren't that great but I think you get the idea of how beautiful this rock is.

The instructor Deryn Mentock is offering a two week extension of this course for those of us who wish to have a little more time and i'm really considering doing the extension.  It's a nominal cost and i believe it would be worth it.  We will see.

I you would like to check out Ms Mentock's blog you can do so here.  The next class she's offering is how to construct a jewelry journal.   This lady is a fantastic teacher and very thorough in what she offers to students.  I can't wait for her class on bezel making which may not be offered for a while since she taught it last in September 2013 (sad face).

Anyway hope you enjoy looking at my attempts to improve my skills and as always comments are welcomed.

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