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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bought Myself a Flex Shaft And Found Objects

So I went ahead and bought a flex shaft to drill found objects.  In my rush to finally buy it I forgot to buy the hanger for it so I can't use it until that comes.

I'm so excited to now have a professional tool to use.  I've been buying stuff like crazy.  Have to remind myself to stop!!!  I'm so excited to begin my new jewelry journey of making jewelry using found objects.  So far i've bought quite a few things.  Thought i'd share them in pics here.

My brain is churning with ideas.  Here's a look at some of the new things i've bought or as the instructor would say, found objects:

This is a long post but i'm so thrilled with what I've found in the way of found objects lately.

Some MOP buttons, some with rhinestones:

A beautiful rhinestone button:

And this beautiful brooch (if you like things like this).  I am obsessed with rhinestones as you know if you've read my blog at all.  It's got some yellowing which I love but it needs to be cleaned up a bit.

And then I bought this creepy little sterling silver crab.  I hate things with legs (like spiders).  But this little monster was too good a price to leave there.

And then I found this gorgeous rhinestone brooch.

Various rhinestones crowns:  (my sister said it's because I think i'm royalty in my pitiful brain).  Love, love rhinestone crowns.

And then this vintage brooch. It's worn looking but has all it's "pearls".

This fantastic little colorful pill box.  Needs to be cleaned up but it's cute.

I found this 1980's looking gold toned locket with chain attached.  The necklace is in perfect condition.

Then there's this gorgeous locket that looks to be enameled.  I love the decoration.  It's missing a pearl but I like it anyway.

I found this steel-cut starfish in a thrift store and had to have it.  It needs to be cleaned up too. I think it will make a really pretty and unique necklace.  Can't wait to try.

Another pill box. Brass with some black and gold etchings on top.  Hoping my flex shaft can help me make a really interesting necklace.

Another brooch with beautiful detailing.

This very pretty mirror with beautiful detailing work on one side and the other side is a mirror

I found this coin and it made me sad and happy because I love New orleans but of course hate what happened there as does the rest of America.  It's gold and on it is written "The city That Care Forgot".  So sad.

This cool thing below is fascinating.  It's a lipstick called Scarlet Lily.

The case is highly decorated.  The tube is brass and has some lipstick smudges on the outside which can be cleaned up.  Don't you love it?!!!  I figure I can use the top to make a necklace.  We'll see.

I finally found a tiny little leather coin purse.  I can't wait to try this new technique I learned in class on it.

I also found this steel cut peacock.  It looks almost like marcasite and the brooch says Germany on the back.  It's not sterling but it's some type of metal.  Love it!

This little pendant is marcasite and sterling.  I think that's onyx.

This is an earring.  The large stone in the middle is loose so will have to glue it back.  But you can't tell but it's all rhinestones at the bottom.  I have the pair.

That's all.  I am having a blast searching for things to make jewelry.  Now the task is to begin making.
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed seeing these things.

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