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Friday, February 7, 2014

Another Snow Day and Creating

I can't believe February this year! Snow, snow, snow.  It has caused a renewed creative spirit in me. And I am loving it.  Even the process of showing and trying to sell a house hasn't stopped me.  This is a blessing!

So I started this morning and did not stop until 2:30 this afternoon.  I ate breakfast and that was it.  Along with several cups of coffee.  No showings of the house today so I didn't have to get out of the house at all.  I was on an earring roll today.

By the way if you are looking for the Grow Your Blog Party being hosted by Vicki of 2 Bags Full you can find it HERE.

I'm telling you I am having a ball finding and following other bloggers.  People amaze me with what they create!!!!

So anyway, here are some of my earring designs.

You can tell i'm tired of snow and winter because my mind is going to all the spring colors.  The earrings below are yellow and blue with wooden beads mixed in.  I even thought about making a pair for myself but then I could not say they are one of a kind or OOAK in Etsy speak so I refrained.

These beads look yellow in the picture but they are actually a light green color.  And believe it or not I found those little copper discs at Wally World of all places.  If any of you shop there they have a small jewelry making section which I check sometimes when I go there.

These earrings are much prettier in person.  As you can tell i'm stuck on these long wooden beads at the moment.  They came from Joann's and were bargain priced. There's blue, purple, brown, violet in the beads.  Great to wear to work--kinda low key.

Here are some of those green nuggets again and you can get an idea of the color a little better.  I paired them with purple and wood.  Very cute and casual.

And I wrestled with this necklace last night trying to get the purple beads to hang right.  It seems that when I got them all going the same way on the chain, i'd pick it up and they would be all wonky again. Ughhhh!! I hate that.  But I finally got them on right and it turned out really pretty.  I love purple almost as much as I love blue--but not quite.  Its hung from a thick leather cord and wire-wrapped on.  A little glue seals the deal to ensure there are no mishaps.

So that's what I did yesterday and into the evening.  If anyone is interested I will be listing these items in my Etsy store Sadie Jewelry Design later today.

As always I thoroughly enjoy comments so please leave one if you want and make my day!

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