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Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Perfect Sunday--Except for Snow

The weather people have been talking about a succession of 3 snow storms for us here in Oklahoma.  we tend to believe the reports half of the time but a lot of the time they are exactly right as they were for today.  The snow was to begin in my area which is north of Oklahoma city at noon.  It began at 11:30.  Wow! That's pretty accurate.  This is what it ended up looking like:

I'm thinking it was only about an inch and a half but the areas in southern Oklahoma received up to 8 inches.  We lucked out today .

It was a perfect day to stay in and drink coffee and tea and for the hubs to watch football previews all day until the big game.  But for me it was a day to drag out all my jewelry making stuff and make stuff.  I have had such a good day today.  It's been a few weeks since I could come in here anytime I wanted and sit and think up designs.  Yeah me!

I'm thinking spring cuz it's so cold so I made this necklace:
  It's so springy and light looking.  I have had that glass aquamarine colored pendant forever.  The brown pendant is faux chinese jade in a really pretty design.              

Went shopping yesterday and stopped by Hobby Lobby and picked some clear glass faceted beads on sale (woo hoo!)  So I made this necklace.  It's unusual, a bit odd but I like it.  The pendant is a copper plated stamping.

 It's got a silver religious icon medal hanging from the center of the pendant.  Part of necklace is finished some freshwater pearls.  You could wear it on either side--the stamping and the medal both have backsides.

It started getting too dark to take any decent pictures so I quickly made a cute pair of earrings.  I've had the gold findings forever too.  I had four, used 2 so decided to use the other two for earrings:

Simple with blood red dangles and handmade brass ear wires.  Aren't those stampings pretty?

So that was my day.  I'd say it was productive.  I anyone is interested in purchasing any of the above items you can see more of them at my Etsy store Sadie Jewelry Design.

Hope everyone has a safe and warm night!


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  1. Hi Dawn, I stopped over to say thanks for becoming one of my newest followers. I like what you've been creating, so keep them coming. My favorite are the earrings. I have been making things mostly in silver or copper findings. I haven't been in the mood for goldie colors but those really rock!