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Friday, August 30, 2013

Some New Stuff

Spent a long work week making some new necklaces.  So here they are:

I love the lilac beads but didn't have anything that I like to put with them.  Decided they could stand on their own with some simple components.  Loving washers right now so used some copper washers as a bail-like element for the pendant.  The pendant was made by me from clay, dried and embellished with a religious relic.  The pendant is painted with acrylic paint and is a vivid purple.  And on one side of the washers is a raw amethyst bead.   In between the lilac beads I put 2 little peanut beads that are blue and purple.   Cute and different.

This red and blue necklace is a fun casual necklace.  Following my theme of copper washers I used several of them again to hang a pendant from.  I've had that red heart for a long time.

I will be putting in my etsy shop tomorrow if you are interested.  Until next time

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