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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Few New Pieces

So i'm talking to a friend who also makes jewelry last week.  And it dawned on me (no pun intended) that i miss making jewelry.  My new job has kept my mind in flux and the last thing I wanted was to sit down and try and be creative.

So with my new found lease on wanting to create I made a few pieces over the weekend.  I don't know how i'll do during the week but at least it's a start.  I still have not shopped for a camera yet so these pics were taken with my iphone.  Not too bad.

I love the necklace below.  It's a brilliant blue and powder blue with gold toned wire.  I found an old piece of gold religious jewelry at a thrift store and used one of the gold dangles to attach to the necklace along with a semi-precious briolette.  The handmade clasp is antique brass.

These little cuties below are painted with Vintage paint in Victorian Gold.  The flowers are Vintaj and started off brass before the gold paint.  I then sealed the earrings with Vintaj paint and metal sealer.  I like how they turned out.  The beads at the top are simulated pearls and the ear wires are antique brass. They are about 2 and 1/4 inches long.


 So with the necklace below I was going for something colorful and different.  One of my jewelry making friends inspired me to go back to the copper washers i've had for eons.  I used them as a holder for the cute little heart with blue, violet flowers.  It hits right at the collar bone.  I'm getting much better with getting necklaces the length I want them instead of whatever they turn out to be.

The little necklace below, I made a while ago.  I had the pendant for a long time and never felt inspired to use it for anything.  I saw the simulated bone beads at Michaels one day and decided to pair the two. This necklace is about 17 inches so the pendant falls a bit above collarbone.  I added some antique brass bead caps between some of the beads.  I think it's a cute little casual necklace.

I love blue and the earrings below are a striking blue.  I added a lot of embellishments just to fancy them up.  The ear wires are sterling silver  everything else is silver toned metal.  I thought they would be heavy but I wore them yesterday they were quite comfy.

So that's all so far.  Hope you enjoyed looking at my little foray back into jewelry making.

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