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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some New Jewelry Finally

So it's been a struggle lately to sit down and create but i've done a few pieces.  So here they are:

This first necklace is made of emerald green glass beads with brass encircling each bead.  The other beads are black wood rounds and black glass daisy beads.  It's unique but since i've just started working with resin and clay I added this entirely hand made pendant.  I made the clay bead first, then painted it black and coated it with resin so it would last forever.  I glued a bible charm on top of it with a red crystal.  I'm not usually a green fan but since the hot color this year is emerald green i decided to use these beads with black.

These earrings I made for my sister.  These suckers are 4 inches long.  The glass crystal hearts are a fantastic blue and green depending on the light.  I used handmade copper jump rings to attach them to the ear wires.  I really like these but they are too long for me.  My sister will pull them off well.

The necklace below also has an attached hand made pendant that again, I made from clay, then painted it, glued an interesting silver charm and covered it all with resin.  I love working with clay and resin and intend to do much more of it.  I also love the color of the lilac  glass beads.  The copper washers gives the necklace an edge.  I used all different metals-copper, gold, brass, silver.  I love this necklace!  The lilac beads have these cute little irridescent peanut beads between each one just to mix it up.  I also used a beautiful amethyst stone that is rough cut and a beautiful purple.

The little necklace below is faux bone and the pendant i've had for eons but never used it for anything.  It's a cute little casual necklace with brass spacers.

Continuing with my new copper washer obsession I made the red and blue necklace below.  Again, i've had the little heart pendant forever and finally decided to use it. The blue beads are painted wooden beads and the red ones are coral.  I finally decided the buy a hole punch and i love it.  so i'm sure there will more of those in my future.  I think this necklace is rustic but sweet with the heart.

My fav color is blue so I paired these sort of animal print wood beads with different hues of blue.  I may be keeping this one.

Then I tried my hand at making stretchy bracelets to make a bracelet stack.  I used very softly colored beads that can be worn all together or separately.  I of course would wear them all together cause i'm a jewelry freak but they all stand on their own.

I will be putting all these (I think) in my Etsy store if anybody's interested.  You can find my store here.
Have a good night!!

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