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Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Entered a Blog Challenge--First Ever!

So I have some fav jewelry designers whose blogs I follow.  One of them is such an inspiration to me because of her use of color and her uncanny ability to put jewelry together.

she found some interesting components at Michael's and encouraged other bloggers to take up the challenge in using these components in a unique way.  Well, I should have known I was going to be terrified that my piece would not be up to par.  But I decided to do it afraid--to quote a favorite minister that I listen to.

So here's a pic of the component.  I'm in Oklahoma and they were easy to find at Michael's but i'm sure many more Michael's stores are carrying them right now.  Anyway, I bought 2 colors in case I came with something interesting:

the pic below is of the sort of blue and greenish color.  Unfortunately the colors aren't coming out right with my camera.  I really like the colors.

 The pic below is of the components in a different color.  I know it may look orange and purple on your monitor but the actual color is pink and purple.

Here is the back.  I think you can see they are double-holed on each end.  Clearly meant to be strung on 2 wires. I'm thinking of using wire but don't have a fully formulated idea yet. Both sets have gold toned metal backing.  They come in sets of 3.
 Here is a side view. See how the colors are washed out--well depending on how you look at them they do seem to change color.
So any way I'd better get to work trying to come up with something cause the reveal date is March 27th!  What to do, what to do!!!!  Wish me luck and i'll post what I made on that date along with the other participants.

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