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Monday, December 24, 2012

A Wonderful, Relaxing Vacay!

It took me awhile but i've finally loaded my pics from vacation in Jamaica.  Such a wonderful time.  So here goes with the pics:

We were in room 1209 this year and I must say it was really nice.  It has a large window in the room in addition to the lanai doors.  So lots of light if you want it.

The pic below is on our first full day and I decided to buy one of those huge shells this time.  The guy cleaned it up a lot so not slimy--yuck!  Anyway a great reminder of our time there.  The drink was a "frozen" daquiri.  Things melt so quickly there and dry so slowly.  Hence wet hair  most of the time.

Below is a pic of hubs doing his first dive  in the pool.  Fool!  He is a diving fanatic.  He did about 14 dives while we were there.

Sorry these are out of order.  This is actually the day we left.  Sorry it's so dark.  But that's hubs relaxing in the lobby waiting for the van to take us to the airport.

Here is the ginger bread house they have in the lobby every year.

Hubs again diving on a very cool morning.

Below is a pic of the main lobby and pool deck area. On the left that doorway is one of the gourmet restaurants--Otaheite.  Very good food!  Have to dress kind of fancy.  If you walk straight into the picture to the large opening you would be in another restaurant  where during the day they serve breakfast and lunch.  But at night it serves dinner.  It's very open and airy and birds fly in and out sometimes.  You can see and hear the ocean.  Very dark with candlelights.  Very romantic.  At the top straight ahead is an area that you can sit on hanging swing chairs and view the resort and the ocean.  Really pretty.

An incredible sunset.  Looks like a painting doesn't it?

One of the people on the beach who make their living singing in front of the resorts.  He sings and you can give him money.  Nice man.

This is me and hubs on our 2009 trip to Couples Negril.  And those are not my cigs.  I know nobody believes me.

Again, sorry they are out of order. But this is just another little Christmas corner of the resort.

This is blurry but I just took it because it's our room this year.  It's the 2nd floor door on the right in the corner.  As I said I really like it.

So that's it for now.  And if you'd like to check out the Couples Resort web site Here.  I have some new pieces finally.  When I get the pics taken i'll post them here.  Stay tuned!

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