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Saturday, June 7, 2014

First Week of Work Done!

So i'm tired and haven't been wanting to get in my little temporary studio to make anything.  I like my new job so far but after 6 months of laying around and doing whatever I wanted it was a bit difficult to make that adjustment into a working person again.

But I have to say i'm glad that I got the first week in and now i'm back on the working track (kind of).

I did manage to make a few items friday night and saturday.  So here they are (it's not much):

Love these earrings.  They are made with these beautiful crystal faceted ball beads, some 70's vintage chain links and aquamarine beads that i've had forever.  These earrings are about 2 inches long from the top of the ear wires.  The photos don't do the crystal beads justice because they are a beautiful color.  I'm putting these in my Etsy shop tonight.  Take a look if you're interested.

I'm still on my rosary necklace kick and used this old cross and a really old Virgin Mary medal.  The rest are red crystals wired together with gold (color) wire.  I also used the old clasp that was on the rosary I picked up at an antique store.  The patina on the cross and medal is wonderful and I left them just as they were when I found them.

                           I made a dangle for the back with clear crystal and one red crystal.

I found the marcasite pendant below at another antique store and fell instantly in love with it.  I used some black crystal beads and silver-plated chain to put it together.  The 3 way connector is new but I thought it made a great way to make this necklace asymetrical.  I have had the chain for a very long time and I have a lot of it.  I figured out how to cut it and still use it.

I used a rhinestone clasp for the closure and added  a long dangle in the back with black and clear crystals.  I think it turned out fabulously!

So that's it for me.  Hopefully once I get more into the work groove i'll be able to set some time in the evenings to follow my passion of making jewelry.  Please let me know what you think of my designs.  I so appreciate feed back!

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  1. Great work....I know what it's like to go back to work after being out for a isn't fun....but I love your last necklace...seem like I have a rhinestone closure like that from a thrift store haul...will have to have inspired me...keep up the great work.