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Monday, November 11, 2013

Some New Resin Jewelry Designs

I have been making resin jewelry with Ice Resin.  It's almost fool proof once you get used to it.  What I like is making my own pendants and Earrings with it.  Found some creativity I didn't know I had.  So i'm going to post some of the things I have made.  If anyone cares to comment please do because that is how you learn so here goes:

Saw a technique online on making a fake druzy pendant.  Tried my had with the pendant below.  It's crushed glass crystals and glitter.  I'm in love with using rhinestones because i am a bling loving girl.  I paired it with a black box chain that is long.

The necklace below is made with a copper bezel and I put an acrylic flower with rhinestone and then rimmed the whole pendant with rhinestones.  Told ya i'm loving the rhinestone trend.  I hung the pendant from a leather cord.  The pic below the necklace shows the attachment.  I think the cord ends are really pretty.  I used all mixed metals.  Silver, antique gold, copper.

I made the necklace below when I was really wanting to be somewhere else.  I covered the pendants with resin to insure they will stay nice and bright.

The pendant below was made using a silver-toned bezel that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I'm a sucker for anything that looks like a heart so that's what I used as an inclusion in the bezel along with rhinestones and resin paper as a background.  I hung it from a ball chain necklace.  Cute huh?

I went hog wild making the pendant below.  I was dreaming of being in Jamaica so I rimmed the bezel in rhinestones and put Jamaican sand, jamaican shells and a few more rhinestones.  I call it Jamaica Dreaming.
I'm going to list these in my Etsy shop here.  Please stop by and check out the new items.  They are all priced to sell!

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