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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Morning

Woke up early today.  Meant to go to church but didn't.   Instead hubby and I had a long talk about some interesting topics.  Then went grocery shopping.  One of my least fav things to do lately.  I know it's not just me cause everyone looks so pensive at the grocery story.  I suppose like me they are busy thinking how to stretch their dollars.  It amazes me that when I think i've done well with being careful what I buy and using a list (which i've never done before)  the register is never what I think it will be!!  Everything is so expensive.  Anyway enough of that.

Sat down at my studio table and made a couple of things after shopping.  Making jewelry is something that relaxes me.  This cutie is what came out this morning as I sat beading.  I really like it because it's simple and easy to wear.  I'm really loving orange lately.  So is everyone else.  I love the mix of colors in this bracelet.  The button closure is a really pretty button that I got in a jar of buttons from a thrift store.  I love using vintage items.  It add's interest for me.    The pic is really shadowy for some reason.  I have already listed it in my etsy store.  Check it out if you like it.  My store address is

I love the unusual look of this necklace.  I used a microfiber piece to add a little more interest instead of my usual bail to hang the pendant from.  Unfortunately you can't really see the pendant.  My pics in iphoto don't come out on this blog like they do in iphoto.  maybe i'll figure it out at tome point but for not let's just say the "korean jade" pendant is a really lovely color and it has several little ocean inspired charms hanging from it.  Wish it could be seen here.  But i have already listed it in my store so if you're interested check it out there.  I love the little peach colored coral discs.  I think it's feminine but still bold and noteworthy.

The necklace above is a very elegant piece.  The grey glass pearls and the glass crystal pendant are a perfect match. I love the asymmetry of this piece with those large beads on one side.    This is listed in my shop now too.

That's it for now.  I'm going to go and make some gumbo for dinner and maybe sit down to create some more this evening.

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