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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Moving and Not Making Sucks

So we have moved almost our entire house to storage at our new location.  I had to go ahead and take all of my jewelry making stuff to our new temporary home.  I guess because I don't have it i'm really wanting to create.  It's driving me crazy.

So crazy that they had a bead show here in Oklahoma City and a friend of mine reminded me of it--twice.  I finally drug myself up from my chair, changed out of my pj's and robe and went to the show.  I told myself I would only spend $100.00- if that.  Well, because Oklahoma City was expecting a lot of ice the next day, the vendors had slashed their prices.  It was glorious!!

I spent way over my budgeted amount.  Since my husband didn't go with me this time, I was free to go absolutely wild-which I did.  Let's just say it was over double what I intended to spend.  I know I am not the only person who has to be tamed at bead shows but afterwards as I was driving home I was rehearsing in my head what I would tell the hubs.  Do I lie? Do I tell the truth?  What do I make up to tell him?  Well i'll tell you I told the truth------sort of.  I just said I spent a bit over $100.00.  That's the truth!!!! it was a bit over that.

Anyway I thought i'd post some of the goodies I bought.  All I can really do is drool over the stuff so I thought you might want to drool over it also.  So here goes:

This bunch below was slashed unbelievably.  There are rough aquamarine, faceted aquamarine and various other faceted stones and glass crystal.

And then there were these that I couldn't pass up.  They are all hand made pendants by one vendor.  She had them priced at $ 8.00 per pendant but slashed them to $5.00 each.  I bought 5 of them.  It was really hard to choose but these are the ones I bought.  I love the amethyst druzy one! Think that is mine.

And then I found this pendant.  It's an amethyst druzy.  It's of course purple if you can't tell with gold druzy flakes.  This is definitely mine.  I think i'll change the hanger.  It's a stunning purple around the edges.  Love it.  Couldn't leave it.  I think I bought the prettiest one.  The lady even said so.  Of course I have to take that with a grain of salt.

I bought some really pretty strands of glass crystal, some magnesite turquoise and clear glass crystal.  And some turquoise colored strands and orange strands.  Those little turquoise crosses are little stretchy bracelets that the vendor sold to me for a dollar each.   I will take them apart to use for something else-good deal though.

These are dyed jade strands.  One in a beautiful blue and another orange strand.  They are 5mm sized beads.  I can't wait to make something with both these strands.  Sorry the pic is poor quality but the light today is very minimal.

I guess I was into some bright colors and saw these turquoise colored graduated discs (they are magnesite).  I only bought one strand but I love these center drilled chips.  They were an absolute bargain and I could not resist this strand.

These beauties are strands of glass crystal which i'm obsessed with.  There are multi-colored glass and clear crystal which I love to mix with colored crystal.

And then there are these huge mother dusters.  All glass crystal at a bargain price.  There are pink, yellow and clear.  The red ones are small center-drilled ones.  They are a gorgeous red.

Again, i'm sorry some of the pictures are bad quality but I think you get the gist.  It was a glorious day of bead shopping for me and pulled me right out of the doldrums until I got home and thought about the fact that there is nothing I can do with them but admire them.  But at least I have something pretty to look at.

Have any of you bought anything to craft with lately?  As always comments are welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Nice haul, Just found your blog address on the google + post. I would have been here sooner if I had of known. I'm anxious to see what you make with your find. Are you in your new house yet, Will you have a crafting room? Boy wouldn't that be great. Where have you moved to. I'm following your blog now. I expect to see good things from you.

  2. Tonia-
    thanks for your kind word. I just moved into our new digs today. We are staying with my sister in her huge house until we figure out where we want to live, where jobs will be located etc. I do have a spare bedroom i'm using temporarily as my craft room. Of course it's not set up yet. But I can't wait to get it situated. I will be following you as I truly admire those who can sew. Wish I had learned as a young girl when my mom tried to teach me and my sister to sew. I look forward to following your blog and seeing your creations!