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Sunday, August 31, 2014

We're Finally In our House!

So I'm back.  We've moved in.  We have cable and internet and now are working on furniture and appliances.  I'm sure my husband is now sorry he sold EVERYTHING when we sold our place in Oklahoma.  I tried to tell him that moving it was better than buying it all over again.  But noooooo he said it was no big deal!!

Anyway now waiting on a refrigerator because we are damn tired of eating out for every meal.  This has not been pleasant and my waistline shows it.  Back to the gym for me.

Went to Canton Texas this weekend and bought another load of beautiful beads from one of the vendors. I am in awe of them because they have some fantastic beads.  I am totally going to upload some pics of all the goodies i've bought and I want to put some in my etsy store.  I am having a difficult time trying to decide what to sell and what to make with.  I'm such a bead hoarder.

Oh, i'm so glad we are getting settled in finally because I am going to take another class from Deryn Mentock.   If you'll remember I took a class this past spring 2014 called the Alchemy of Objects and she is a fantastic teacher and I learned a lot from that class.  I now have a new vision for my jewelry making and for using found objects

This new class is called The Art of Closure where she's teaching how to make some really gorgeous clasps for your jewelry projects.  She has taught the class before so it's not new but it's new to me and some former students raved about it.

So i'll be posting the projects we are making and talking about some of the things we are learning.  I can't say too much about anything but the techniques.  Don't want any copyright infringement charges!!!  But it's fun to share what you learn with others.

If you might be interested in the class (the more the merrier) you can read about it on her blog  I am getting nothing for telling you about it so go ahead and check it out!  I will try to post some pics tonight.


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